Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Buffalo might not be as bad as we thought

I for one was (and still am a little) worried about the Buffalo game being a big trap. We're playing a game on their campus and pretty much are one of the biggest draws they will have all season. Last year we were in a tough game at home against Buffalo and weren't able to pull it out until the fourth quarter.

This year the game would be a little bit tougher as a road game, but Buffalo is without former starting quarterback and MAC stand out Drew Wiley as he graduated last year. Now Buffalo is starting a sophomore at quarterback (unheard of around these parts).

To make matters worse, Buffalo head coach Turner Gill announced today that the all time leading rusher in Buffalo history, James Starks, will miss the entire season. He is a 5th year senior so this pretty much means he has played his last game as a collegiate athlete.

While it is not good for that young man, it certainly helps our Panthers. Breaking in a sophomore quarterback and now counting on a running back you expected to serve as a back up is certainly a tough task for any team. Putting those same players against our impressive defense is something that makes it that much harder.

The game in Buffalo may be close, but I suddenly feel a new level of confidence of this game that I didn't have before.


Chas Rich said...

Way to jinx it. Take it back to BGSU last year and a team that had lost their starting tailback before the game.


This is on your head if they lose.

DPJ said...

I will assume full responsibility, haha.