Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 9 Training Camp 2009

If you would have told me 9 days ago that camp was going to be this interesting I wouldn't have believed you. This whole Stull QB situation is developing so quickly. Onto some quick thoughts from the camp today:
  • Sunseri took some extra first team snaps. Another day and another dominant performance from Sunseri. Bostick had a really solid day and maybe he isn't completely done. Stull looked bad in every drill.
  • Baldwin had a huge day. It sounds like he is pulling off a circus catch in every drill. He could be an All-American if he gets the ball enough. I'm predicting a giant year for Baldwin.
  • The running back battle is still very cloudy. Having 5 running backs in play for this job is only going to be a benefit. Running back by committee can definitely work and can be successful. I have a feeling that Ray Graham and Jason Douglas will end up redshirting but both are getting a shot.
Tomorrow is the big day with the first scrimmage.

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