Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 6 and 7 Training Camp 2009

I thought I would combine the days in order to get caught back up. Here are some thoughts on the last two days:
  • The big story of the first week is Bill Stull's poor play and Tino Sunseri's increased snaps with the second team. I haven't seen one report that has been positive about Stull. Throwing picks and making bad decisions during drills are now par for the course for Stull. We all know that Wanny wants Stull to be the starter, he has for 3 years, but at what point do we look in another direction. Is it 10 poor practices or is it the more likely option of after he costs us a regular season game. Sunseri has been on fire in camp and is getting significant second team snaps. Why not give Sunseri some first team snaps and see how the offense runs with him.
  • My new favorite Panther Dan Mason is now taking the majority of the backup snaps at middle linebacker. He can be a playmaker right now and I would love to see him get a run out with the first team defense. I'm aware of the playcalling responsibility that goes along with being a middle linebacker but with all the veterans we have on the defense it would be a manageable situation.
  • Jared Holley is a guy to look for as a 3rd or 4th cornerback. He has been receiving some praise in the reports coming out of camp.
Tuesday is the first scrimmage. Over/Under on Stull interceptions is 3.5.


John said...

just posted this question to zeise: Please explain the difference in these two situations. Tyler Palko was not named the starting QB of the team until the week before the season started in year 1 of Wanny's tenure because he "had to work to earn the job" after one of the best years a Pitt QB has had in probably 20 years. Tyler was the reason we "won" the Big East that year and had huge games, the ND game come to mind. Meanwhile Billy Stull probably has one of the worst years in some memory for a Pitt QB and has the WORST bowl game performance by ANY college QB ever!!! Yet Billy has been anoited by Wanny as the starter when there is over a month before the season starts and credible talent to compete against in Tino and Bostick. The daily reports of Billy playing terribly while the others are either excelling or at least displaying competance in the position only makes this more puzzling. Can you please explain?

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Hat Tip to DPJ

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Bostick or Sunseri shines, Stull is "DULL"; he has not progressed over the last 3 years.

John said...

I got the over!!!