Monday, August 31, 2009

Depth Chart Is Out

2009 Depth Chart

So there is the opening day roster and there are very few surprises. Kevin Harper not winning the kicking job is worrying for his future as a productive player. The two freshmen at running back is a pretty amazing feat for both players considering how things are done in the program. Joe Thomas won the left guard job in a result that shouldn't shock anyone. Aundre Wright not being a returner on kickoffs is weird considering his play last year.

The big news is Sunseri as the backup which means Bostick will be redshirted, barring injury or disastrous play. I really hope that we won't need to see Bostick so that he can get keep his 2 years of eligibility.


Joshua said...

I hope this means Stull is on a very short leash. IMHO, he shouldn't even be the starter at all! Just demonstrates how out of touch Bumstedt has always been with the QB position.

Anonymous said...


Hopefully the leash is very, very short, Stull will play his way out of the starting QB postion!!

johnny said...

The masses demand a podcast. Make it happen, please.