Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 5 Training Camp 2009 (Sorry for the lateness)

So yesterday there was another practice with the pads and helmets. Today is going to be the first full contact practice. Here is a few thoughts from yesterday:
  • Justin Hargrove moving to defensive tackle is an interesting development. This may just be a practice position switch but I think Hargrove will be a contributor down the line. The one position I trust our recruiting judgment with is defensive line.
  • Tino Sunseri had the best all around day of the QBs. I would be shocked if we ever read a report of Stull looking great in camp. He never looks great even in practice but remember he won this job on the field not by seniority.
  • Kolby Gray having shoulder surgery is a bit of a blow to his practice time here at Pitt but he was going to redshirt no matter what. I feel like Gray has the most unique set of skills of any QB we have and would be great in a spread offense.
  • Like I did Thursday for Dan Mason can I start a Mike Shanahan as the second wide receiver bandwagon? I'm sick of watching Turner dog it and keep his job like last year.
I will be back later for the report of today's practice.

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