Saturday, November 1, 2008

Notre Dame Live Blog

Hey there everybody. Jones and I will be here all day providing updates and our thoughts about today's game against the Irish. I apologize for not being able to get the podcast with the Notre Dame fan done yesterday, he had to leave early to get to Indiana with his brother.

Also I'll be joining Chas over at Pittblather for their liveblog/chat, so be sure to stop by and see what is going on over there.

2:00 - Reports are that Billy Stull will be starting at qb today.

2:43 - Nice kick off by the Panthers

3:01 - 3 to nothing Notre Dame

3:12 - Kevan Smith?????? Why?

3:18 - Smith throws the ball 10 yards out of bounds when Baldwin is wide open.

3:20 - We still have about negative 2 yards after 9 offensive plays.

3:21 - End of the first and we are tied up at 3.

3:33 - Bostick is back in the game.

3:35 - Baldwin with the catch of the game.....Amazing

3:44 - Notre Dame just may have upstaged the Baldwin catch. That was incredible.

3:48 - Notre Dame td it's now 10-3.

3:59 - Dorin gets mugged on his route and the ball is picked. Let the Bostick bashing begin.

4:03 - Pitt stops ND on 3rd and long but a roughing the passer call pulls it back.

4:06 - Touchdown ND, this is not good.

4:38 - Bomb to Baldwin goes incomplete.

4:39 - Big pass from Bostick to Turner, down inside the 5.

4:41 - Hot Rod with the TD, XP is good, 17-10 ND still leads.

4:45 - We held ND to a 3 and out.

4:49 - Pass to Baldwin is tipped by JB and then picked off.

4:54 - Pitt holds ND to a 4 and out. Our ball.

5:06 - Bostick has the team driving nicely. End of the 3rd quarter.

5:12 - Pitt is moving the ball very well

5:14 - 2nd and goal on the 3, but held up on a false start

5:15 - Bostick to McCoy takes it to the 2.

5:15 - Touchdown McCoy, the game is tied at 17.

5:25 - We are playing a read and react and it is killing us.

5:27 - 30 yard pass to Tate, not good.

5:30 - Td notre dame, 24-17.

5:34 - Bostick with a big pass to Porter.

5: 37 - Shady is out of control, he is playing possessed right now.


5:46 - Bad PI call against Berry, he needs to play smarter.

5:54 - big play here, 4th and 1 with 40 seconds left.


5:58 - Int on a bomb, not a bad play, they are out of TO's. The ND safety looks to be hurt here.

6:00 - ND takes a knee and that is it. Overtime.

6:05 - We will start on O for the OT period.

6:09 - FG by lee. Now it is ND's turn.

6:14 - ND has it deep. 2nd and goal from the 2

6:15 - Big tackle by McKillop 3rd and goal from the 4

6:16 - Sheard with great pressure, incomplete pass.

6:17 - FG by ND. Time for OT #2.

6:18 - Berry was beat deep, but luckily it was incomplete.

6:19 - First down ND. Bad coverage again.

6:28 - Lee's FG ties it up at 30. Our ball to start the 3rd OT.

6:32 - Another FG by Lee. This is the Shady and Lee show. Pitt 33 ND 30.

6:36 - ND with a prayer FG. C'mon, this is getting crazy.


6:42 - Long run by Shady. Ball on the 5!

6:44 - Field Goal by Lee is good!!!!!!!! PITT WINS PITT WINS PITT WINS!

What a game, it took 4 over times, but we beat a bad ND team at ND. Bostick notches a win in a tough stadium, Shady played great, McKillop is a machine, and Conor is Money.

Thats all folks!


johnny said...

Holy shit, tremendous viewing experience. Coach Wannstedt, we all want to believe in you and this team. You are likely to be ranked again coming into this week. Louisville and Cincy are both winnable without looking too far in the future. It is imperative that you not disappoint the fanbase with another lackluster home effort against the Cardinal this week. No more playing for next year. This year is "next year". HTP!

The Dream Backfield > The Four Horsemen

Shady + Hot Rod + Conredge are the new Dream Backfield for our generation.

dugdogmaster said...

All Hail Conor! McKillop Me! Shady for President! Hail to Pitt!

johnny said...

I also wish to reaffirm my loyalty to one Bostick or as he is known to the haters, 'Pat BOSTIC'.

He is going to be okay. People want to dog him on the message boards for the picks, but they forget to mention the amount of heart and balls that it takes to win in a hostile environment in South Bend when the last meaningful snap you had was 11 months ago.

I don't know how long Stull will be out, but regardless of whomever is our QB, I am applying the same standard to him as to the rest of the team. Continue to progress with each game and try to learn from your mistakes.

This game is huge for the conference as well as for Pitt, if only because it minimizes the odds that Notre Dame can bogart a fairly lucrative Gator Bowl bid. I fully expect USC to throttle the Irish, which should be the final nail of that coffin.

Let's hope that the invite stays in the Big East this year and here's to our Pitt Panthers taking on an ACC team-to-be-named later somewhere in Florida on January 1st.

Dan said...

Wins vs (at) WVU, Cincy, and at Notre Dame.


Losses to Bowling Green and Rutgers.

I pick Pat.

J Jones said...

Bostick finds ways to win games. I don't what that means but at the end of the game he wins. Honestly, this a win we should have but enjoy it everybody in college football hates ND.

College football is going to play out this way. OU will beat Texas Tech eliminating them. Next Florida is going to destroy the SEC. PSU will run through their bad conference and claim a spot in the BCS Title Game.

In Miami the score will be Florida 61 PSU 4. I'm obviously exaggerating but the gap between Penn State and they team they play will be enormous. Although would anybody be shocked if they blew it at home against MSU.

If there is a god we will get a Florida vs USC/Boise St title game. Florida is the best team in 25 years. They are better than their national title season.

J Jones said...

Also how amazing does Tech look with the read run put into their spread?

johnny said...


If you are exaggerating, it isn't by much. UF is playing as dominant a style of football as any team that I can remember in the last decade. I wouldn't count out Bama quite yet, but on a neutral field, the Gators's depth and experience gives them the edge.

My question for you is, assuming OU beats Texas Tech, which I think is likely, there could be a bizarro tiebreaker scenario between OU, Texas, and Tech. Assuming OU comes out on top, will UF be able to make up enough ground in the BCS to jump OU?

We keep talking about how much 18-25 in the polls basically turn over every week, but I could see the possibility of a slew of 1-loss teams going into the conference championships just as talented as some National Champions from recent memory.

Also, I think the gap between Penn State and whichever 1-loss team they would face in an NC will be greater than the disparity between UF/LSU and Ohio State the last two years. So, while it may not be 61-4, the game will functionally be over midway through the second quarter.

J Jones said...

Here is my guess. Penn St will blow it when they realize the pressure is on them.
Which would turn the BCS Title game into Florida v USC which could be a comically blowout for Florida. We need to fix this BCS standings to get Florida v Texas/Texas Tech.

Anonymous said...

I think this year proves above anything that a playoff system is needed. Sure, TTU beat Texas by a touchdown in Lubbock, but don't you think the score would have been reversed had it been played in Austin? An 8-team playoff with Florida, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Utah, Boise State, and PSU would be a fantastic way to end the season, see which of those SEC/Big 12 schools would come out on top.

J Jones said...

I would give my arm to see Florida play Boise St on a neutral site.

Joshua said...

After listening on the radio and watching the dreadful excuse calle quadruple overtime, I'm now convinced that:
a. Pitt winning that game was a fluke.
b. Pitt won't win another game this season.

Notre Dame, on the other hand, should beat Syracuse and Navy, if only because those two teams have bad records.

PS: The yinzers at PittBlather (which, btw, is an appropriately named blog) are none too happy that I rained on their faux-parade by pointing out the fact that this was not a good win. F 'em, F Wanny, and F Touchdown Jesus.

johnny said...


Walt is gone, dude. Just chill out and enjoy the ride. It will make your life easier. That way you can stop posting the same comment on every blog about your fallen hero.

Joshua said...

Hey, I don't really care about Walt. I wasn't attending Pitt (or much knowledgeable about the team) when he was pushed out. I just want people to be consistent. I do have MAJOR hate for Bumblestedt, though, seeing him turn my Dolphins from a proud franchise into the floating turd it is today (and yes, his drafting is hugely responsible for what happened after him). I'm just tired of the idiot son coming home to rise to the level of his own incompetence. I don't know much about Walt and his character, but I know that a LOT of people threw a lot of bile at him. Same can't be said for Wannstedt. Maybe it's because he's Western PA's idiot son? I don't know, but I'm getting really tired of these f'n yinzers playing the nepotism game. But hey, we're 6-2, bowl berth should be right around the corner, notwithstanding what happened in 2006, right? RIGHT?!!! Maybe if people stopped sucking on Wanny's "man juice" they'd see things differently. In other words, they'd see that he's actually raping them, just like he did to the Bears and Dolphins.