Saturday, November 29, 2008

Very Quick Brawl Recap

Just like last year!!!!! At the end of the game the entire student section chanted this at the WVU players leaving the field. It was a fantastic day to be a Panther fan and that game felt like the biggest relief of a disappointing in some ways season. This is the first time I have ever been to a brawl win and I was extremely impressed with the turnout of Pitt fans. WVU traveled well and they made a bunch of noise but we shouted them down at every turn.

As for on the field I think yesterday was day Shady earned his number retired. This game was all about him and his other worldly like ability to make something out of nothing. He is best player in the Big East by a long shot and is probably the best back in the nation. The fact that he is staying can give us all hope that maybe this whole thing can be turned around. I have nothing to say about Stull because we all saw what happened and this is a happy column. 

The defense kept us in the game no matter what the offense did and it was an amazing way to go for the seniors. I have complained for at least two years about Thatcher's poor play but today he was an absolute beast. He looked like the guy he was before the injury and what a way to go out. McKillop had an awesome game and further cemented his place as a Panther legend. The defensive speed did a great job shutting down the WVU offense. 

All in all it was an amazing experience and one I will never forget. This season certainly hasn't gone our way but this team never gave up and they got a reward for their hard work. At least for this week we are on top of the world and we beat our rival again.

As an aside I just wanted to say that the way the security staff at Heinz Field treats the fans is ridiculous. They over compensate with security in a place where crowd trouble is rarely a problem. The way they police the fans is a reason that some people would call the atmosphere lacking. 

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