Monday, November 10, 2008

Jason Douglas is #14

Even though he wears #15, he is the 14th Panther to join this years recruiting class. I really didn't know much about him before the committment and didn't realize we were pushing him hard. I personally had felt that with a few backs coming in this year that we were pretty much set. That was until I watched this clip of him here on YouTube and it is pretty clear that he is going to be quite a force on special teams. Maybe it is because Dave Wannstedt is the special teams coach that he is loading up on major talent there (Tags, Cam, Aundre, and others).

The one major bright spot of this team thus far has been our special teams. We have played very well in all aspects there. Adding Jason Douglas is going to be a major benefit to the Panthers. Having him and Cam back there returning kicks will be deadly because of their size and speed. Before you go bashing me because I mentioned their size being a major advantage, think about this. Almost every guy infront of them on the kicks will be over 6' tall. It will be very easy for them to disappear from the opponents.

Being able to hide behind the blockers, having tremendous, speed, and providing another option for our special teams and our offense is only a positive. I hope he turns out to be another quality Panther from florida like we have seen in the past.

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