Thursday, November 6, 2008

Weekend College Football

Well sorry this is so late I got caught up in the election on Tuesday then just completely zoned out yesterday. There are a few games this weekend that will decide how the BCS shakes out and who will get to play in Miami on January 8th. Let's get to some of my thoughts:
  1. #11 TCU vs #10 Utah- Which of these two teams is going to keep the BCS buster dream going? Unfortunately, for people like me who love teams from non-BCS conferences going undefeated and knocking out an undeserving BCS conference team I see TCU winning this game. TCU has a very good defense and they have bounced back well from the blowout against Oklahoma. TCU
  2. #1 Alabama vs #15 LSU- This game would be completely different if it was a night game in Baton-Rouge. LSU has been smashed by Georgia and Florida, Alabama is better than Georgia and probably a little worse than Florida. John Parker Wilson of Alabama has flown under the radar a little as an elite QB and I see this as a chance for him to put up big points. I don't expect a close game at all and Alabama will continue their march towards inevitable doom against the Gators. Alabama
  3. #3 Penn St. vs Iowa- An easy win for PSU no matter what the media hype on Greene has been. We all saw Iowa at Heinz Field and they are a poor team. To keep pace with the other undefeated in the BCS Penn St. is going to need to destroy a poor Iowa team. This game is why the Big 10 is such a joke this year, people are trying to pass this off as a marquee game when it is nothing more than a gimme win for Penn St. Penn St.
  4. #8 Oklahoma St. vs #2 Texas Tech- I'm extremely impressed with Texas Tech, they finally installed a running attack to go along with the futuristic passing attack. Against Texas they played enough defense to slow down the Longhorns and I see them doing it again. Oklahoma St. is a fantastic team and would be conference champions anywhere else in the nation except the Big 12 and SEC. Another great prime time game on ABC. Texas Tech
Another great week of football is in the cards and the BCS is going to look exactly the same coming out of it. Next week is where we start to see the shakeups because of the OU-Texas Tech game. As Panther fans we all want Penn State to be denied the BCS title game but I can't see Tech and Alabama remaining undefeated for the rest of the season. 

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