Friday, November 21, 2008

No Predictions Just Questions

Well tomorrow is the game that will decide the Big East title but the bigger story is the amazing rivalry. The way I see it Pitt's main rival is Cincinnati because of that beautiful trophy that was created as a marketing tool by two athletic departments. A season of ups and downs is about to be decided on Saturday night and I'm nothing but worried. This team has sucked any confidence I have in being able to predict game that we are involved in. One thing I do know about this team is that they didn't quit on this season when it would have been easy too and they have continued to play each game without thinking about the last. Well let us get to some questions I have about the marquee game of the Big East football season.

Will we be able to stop the big plays in the passing game? I would love to say yes but the secondary has been the worst unit on the team this year. The communication between the safeties and the corners has seemingly gotten worse game by game. That being said we have some talent in the secondary and if they can get their game turned around we can eliminate the Bearcats passing game. 

Will Shady have another massive game? Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. Shady is the premier player in the conference and is perhaps the best running back in the nation. 

Can the defensive line get pressure? Yes, and I'm fairly confident in saying this. Sheard has become a leading candidate for All Big East and Romeus has improved vastly from his slow start this season. Up the middle we have been dominate and I'm really enjoying the level of play from the defensive line.

Will Stull do enough to win the game for us? This is the biggest question mark I have about the game. Cincinnati has an extremely good secondary and I wonder if Stull will be able to sling the ball around. Baldwin needs to keep showing up and making big plays. 

Can Pitt win this game? I don't know. I think that we are more talented and have been playing very good football since the second half of the Notre Dame game. It is nearly impossible to judge what the playcalling and coaching is going to be like so that is the main variable. 

The way I see it winning out is the only option, we need a Big East title and a good showing in the BCS for the health of this program. Coming close and then missing has really done some damage to the psyche of the entire program. This season is completely ours and has unfolded perfectly to cover for our slip ups. I'll be watching this game on the edge of my seat pulling my hair out.


Trevor said...

You should do a story about the history of the rivalry and the trophy before the game tomorrow.

Did you see Conredge break the trophy last year?

God that thing is FUGLY!

J Jones said...

I actually like the physical trophy. I'm always a fan of above average woodworking!

Joshua said...

This is Pitt's first game against a team that is NOT overrated with a winning record (it is now beyond a shadow of a doubt that USF, Notre Dame, and Louisville are all overrated, and the Jared Christiansen-led flavor of the Iowa Hawkeyes (unlke the Ricky Stanzi flavor that took over the week after the Pitt game) was also overrated). I don't see them getting out of it with a W. And yes, I'm saying this because a lot of Pitt fans are turning this Pitt student into someone who is starting to hate Pitt football (not basketball, mind you, I love that team).