Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm sorry

Before this game began I felt that we were in control 100% of the way.

I could never have imagined it would have ended up the way it did. This was our time. We were supposed to carry the torch for the Big East. Not the Bearcats, the Panthers.

Instead now we look for answers. All of us.

It is hard to imagine that after being 7-0 against Cincy we now struggle to come up for reasons as to why we are where we are. Sure we should have beat BG and Rutgers. However, Cincy is a team we have owned during the bad times and the good. Except now Cincy has the River City Rivalry trophy on their shelf for 1 whole year.

I just can't believe folks........ There are not any words to describe the emptiness that I am feeling right now. I was prematurely thinking about Miami and Phoenix. Now it is back to the reality of Toronto and Birmingham.

I am sorry Cat Basket readers, I am sorry that this has to be such a negative post on what could have been such a beautiful day.

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