Monday, November 17, 2008

What a feeling

I have to admit, I'm pretty excited about where can go the rest of this season. Like Jason Jones, I'm very cautious about letting my expectations get out of hand, but just think about this. It is the 3rd week of November and we are talking about playing for the Big East Championship.

After the first week of the season, there is no way that I could have ever believed we would put ourselves in a situation like this. Even after the Rutgers game, I felt that our chances were lost. Luckily some other teams have stumbled and we have done what was needed to be in a position to win.

This Saturday is the first huge test that Wannstedt and company will face. We haven't really played a meaningful game this late in the season for a very long time. The pressure is on us to win and now we'll see if the coaching staff really has changed or if we will revert back to old tactics.

We need to play aggressive, but more importantly we need to play smart. All year long I have been saying that we have the talent, we have the potential, but there is still some hesitancy to go for the kill from this team. I really hope that after the Louisville game we found it. How great was it to be up by more than 20 points late in the game?

At this point in the season, with a BCS berth possibly on the line, we need to be padding our resume. We need to win these last 3 crucial games and we need to do it impressively. Fortunately for us, these are all games the team can be very motivated for.

We all know that Cincy is the fake rivalry with the 90 million river titles in it as Jones likes to say. Cincy has never beaten us for the trophy and I hope they never do. As ugly as that trophy is, it is nice to say that we have never lost control of the titanic control deck (I hope we don't break it again this year).

WVU is our bitter rival. They hate us and we hate them. I hope all the bad things in the world happen to them and only them (ok, also to that team in central Pa). This is a game that I want us to completely murder them in. A 100-0 final would be fine with me. Pat White needs to be hit every play, Noel Devine needs to be shown he was nothing but a hype machine, and WVU needs to know that they are missing a defense. This game is at home, it's after Thanksgiving, and I hate them with all of my heart.

Lastly this UConn game is huge. UConn has had our number for the past few years. Minus the one year where we smoked them and shut them out at home, they've been a nuisance for the Panthers. We've never won there, but this is the year to do it. I hope this team is as angry as I am that they've beaten us (badly) over the last few years.

Like I said folks, this could be a special year, I just hope that the players and coaches rise to the occasion, and make this a season worth remembering.


dugdogmaster said...

Amen, hallelujah and all that good jazz!!!

Kyle said...

I'm a little worried about packing the student section for the WVU game. A lot of students are going home for break.

dugdogmaster said...

I still have my student I.D. from back in 97-98, can I sit in the student section? Haha