Thursday, October 30, 2008

Notre Dame

The first game that Jones and I ever attended together was the Pitt/Notre Dame game in 2005 when we were destroyed. Despite losing most of the day was pretty fun. We went and saw Gameday (we were actually the first ones there), Jason was getting drunk on vodka and gatorade while our friend Brad said his screwdriver was too strong and didn't finish it, we also met a guy who was tailgating from the Pirates game the night before. I've done many things in my life and that was the first and only time I've ever gotten a Beast Ice from a drunk stranger. I will give him credit though, he was talking about how Revis was the best corner in the country........I think he was right.

But since then we haven't seen the Irish. If you're looking for a great preview, PantherRants is making my job very easy. Their preview is great and you need to go read it. They summed up everything I was thinking much better than I could.

I'm trying to get a podcast set up with a very big Notre Dame fan this week, so hopefully that happens, but if not all it means is that you don't have to hear the thoughts from a Domer who doesn't even go there.

That is the main reason that I hate Notre Dame. It's not their arrogant fan base, it's not the fact that they're over hyped, and it's not the fact they've embarrassed us every time I've seen them play us at home. I hate Notre Dame because of all of the fans who love them despite them never stepping foot in Indiana.....ever. Just because they were good 30 years ago doesn't mean you should like them. Just because they are catholic does not mean you should like them. How many people do you hear say, yeah I like Providence basketball because I'm catholic and so are they. It is a bunch of BS. I hate the movie Rudy, I hate their "play like champions today" motto, and I hate every single person that roots for them continually without any type of affiliation with their university. I make fun of people living in Monroeville who hate noon kickoffs, but I really should be making fun of the people who say "I didn't go to college but I root for Notre Dame because I'm Catholic even though I haven't been to church in 30 years".

This is not the Notre Dame of 20 years ago. All they are now is a mediocre football team that hides behind the "we can't get recruits because our standards are too tough" excuse. That is all b.s. if you ask me. If they want a guy, they will get him. They've just had garbage coaches. If you want to impress somebody Notre Dame, work out a deal to join a conference and keep your garbage NBC deal.

My cousin said it best. "When I'm with you (dpj), I root for Pitt, when I'm with my dad I root for Penn State, and when I'm by myself, I hate Notre Dame."

I do believe that we will be in for a tough game. I hope that if Bostick plays he has an incredible game to shut up all of the jerk fans who feel that if they like one player (stull) they must hate another player (bostick). I also hope that when Wanny said he believes they're gonna throw a ton that he is just inviting them to run on us. If we go nickel or dime, I could see ND burning us on the running game.

My prediction: Pitt 17 - Notre Dame 34

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