Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pitt fans should root for Louisville

Just like you shouldn't be surprised that more WVU players are in trouble, you shouldn't be surprised that I'm rooting for the Ville to win out. Let me explain this to you. I am always in favor of my team having the easiest path to the championship. Maybe it's because I'm lazy, maybe it's because I hate worrying about games, but if it means less chance for Pitt to screw it up, mark me down as a fan.

Louisville gets to play Cincy, WVU, and Rutgers in their last three games. A win in each would be huge for Pitt. Right now Louisville is 1-3 in the big east and is not a threat to compete for anything major in the conference. Beating Cincy and WVU would put Pitt in a great position to win the Big East.

There are still many scenarios as to how the Big East will play out, but Louisville winning out would give 2 losses in conference to the hoopies and Cincy. If we were to do our job and beat both teams then they would have 3 losses. With us having 5 wins and 1 loss at that point combined with the 3 losses for WVU, Cincy, and Rutgers we would be in a great position to win the Big East. Uconn right now is 2-2 in the Big East but I don't see them beating USF on the road which would put them at their 3rd conference loss.

The last thing I want to see is the Big East Championship coming down to how we perform at UConn. For some reason they have our number and we just can't seem to handle them. Outside of the blow out win at home against them in 2006, they have embarrassed us each time we have played them. I don't want to take things for granted, I just want us to win in the least stressful manner.

Typically we have played very well against Cincy, but a win over Louisville for the Bearcats puts all of the focus on the Pitt/Cincy game as what will be the Big East Championship match up.

It's not that I don't like good competition, I just don't want to have a heart attack over the next few weeks constantly worrying about these games. Even worse, I don't want to go through the holidays dejected thinking about what might have been.

So please Louisville, please win out.


johnny said...

I think we should also root for Navy over Notre Dame. There is no way the Irish beat USC, so the best they can finish would be 6-6 meaning they can't bogart the Gator Bowl bid.

Pitt playing in Miami on New Year's Day against the All Crap Conference champ is optimal, but playing in Jacksonville is not a bad consolation prize to the conference runner-up, either.

J Jones said...

Tonight and actually all day the ACC embarrassed themselves. If we win out and get a BCS game we would probably get the ACC auto bid. The bowl for the shitty Big East champ vs. the Shitty ACC Champ would be the Sugar Bowl. Remember when we won the national title by winning the sugar bowl.

johnny said...


To answer your rhetorical question, no, I do not remember when we won the national title in the Sugar Bowl since I was not born yet. But had I been, I would likely be posting to complain about lack of Script Pitt or an on campus stadium.

I was at the FSU Blackout last night and the word 'abomination' comes to mind, though having 5 scholarship receivers suspended can't help matters much. Weak Forest and UNC are also terrible as is any other 'leader' in that joke conference.

Really the only positive gained from that game is the knowledge that with enough coordination, you can get 82,000 people to show up in all black , so it stands to reason that with the right amount of effort and hype, a 'Code Blue' type gimmick could work for the Panthers.