Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Brawl Week!

The title pretty much says it all. I have nothing to say about Saturday's game that will be constructive or popular so I will focus my attention to Friday vs the Hoopies.

Let me throw this out there. I hate west virginia more than anything else in the world. I hope all of the bad things in life happen to them and only them. This is what a rivalry is about. Anytime I see that garbage flying WV logo I get angry and sick to my stomach.

This is Pittsburgh, Pitt is our hometown team. There is no reason for anyone within 20 miles of Pittsburgh to cover WVU. In their 4 glory years they were a solid 2-2 against Pitt. They may have 52ed us, but we gave them 13-9 and showed that they will never ever get a chance for the national title as long as we get to play them.

I've been to WVU for sporting events, I've gambled in west virginia, I've even dated a hoopie. All of which have been terrible experiences. The best thing that ever happened for the state of virginia is that west virginia decided to leave.

It takes a special state to have the worst dental hygiene, one of the greatest obesity rates, and one of the lowest education rates. Their out of state tuition is super cheap so that they can try to trick stupid Pittsburghers into coming to west virginia.

I hope we blow them out of the water. I hope that old Ned Stewart is left with his jaw on the new sod at Heinz field not knowing how this major raping came about.

We need to win and win big. I want every hoopie to be depressed during Christmas knowing that we owned them and kept them out of the Gator and CarCare bowl. Let's beat these guys and make it one to remember.


Michael said...

this is by far the funniest article i have read all night (which is saying something because i read a lot of articles. i will now quote this article for many years to come...

johnny said...


Whether it was Pistol Pete Gonzalez throwing rockets, Antonio Bryant catching TD's without his shoe, or Darrelle Revis with the assist from Derek Kinder, the Brawl has brought out some of the best in our Panthers.

For the freshmen out there who have never experience a Brawl, be prepared for a whole new level of hate. Prior to attending Pitt, I was fairly indifferent to the Hoopies, but it wasn't until the first Brawl at Heinz Field that I truly understood how low those vile, base, moonshine-swilling, corncob pipe-smoking, 1st cousin-dating, Jethroes are.

Screw them, their joke state, and the toilet paper that the worthless degree from that Clown College is printed on.

A-Wild said...

First you need to check the record Oakland boy. WVU has a better record over the last 20 years than Pitt. In fact Pitt wishes it had WVU's record.

Second, head to head, WVU again has dominated. Last year was a fluke. This year get ready to have your head handed to you.

Third, you could only wish Pitt had a program on the level of WVU. How is it that such a state with half the population of western PA can even come close to Pitt. I'll tell you why, Pitt sucks.

Your fifteen minutes of college football fame were over in the early 80's. (Foge Fazio looks better all the time?) Since then its back to reality.

This western PA boy didn't attend PITT because unlike yourself, his head wasn't up his ass and he could smell the stench from Oakland.