Sunday, November 30, 2008

How the game played out

This was a great win and while I will be writing about it much more during the week, I will give a brief summary right here.

It was just like when we sang Sweet Caroline.

We started off strong, then WVU rallied in the middle, but at the end Pitt was louder and we took it over.

If you don't believe me just watch the Sweet Caroline video from the game.


johnny said...

Excellent! My brother actually called me from the game while the song was playing so that I could follow along. I'll be the first to admit that you were right, Dave. I didn't like the idea of the song before the season, and I still hate the song and all of Mr. Diamond's work, quite frankly, but it definitely works great.

Kyle said...


Rutgers wins, WVU wins, Pitt loses:
Does WVU grab the Sun bowl spot?

Louisville wins, WVU wins, Pitt loses:
Notre Dame would get the Sun bowl; does Pitt or WVU go to Charlotte?

I'm assuming that if Pitt wins Saturday there's no question, but if Pitt and WVU both end 8-4 there might be an issue.

Michael said...

kyle, if either of those happen i'm gonna be huntin me some hoopies. however, we have the head to head against them, since we beat them (love saying that), so we're ahead of them anyway. if head to head weren't a factor, we could still have tied cincy. hey bearfags, enjoy getting raped by utah

johnny said...

Is Cincy in line to get smoked by Utah or are they going to play the All Crap Conference champ in the Orange Bowl. I've been seeing Utah-Texas in the Fiesta Bowl, which is an intriguing matchup.

Also, nice that the Big East's sloppy seconds meet up again this week in Jokesonville to see which mediocre team is sightly less inept.

Kyle said...

I'm just afraid that if the sun bowl commission has no qualms about taking a 7-5 notre dame team over Pitt, they would have no problem taking WVU on the grounds that they travel better. I can't entirely say that I blame them. Most of the Pitt folk I've talked to are willing to drive to any bowl game except El Paso; just too far for them.

ESPN seems to think that a team's travel reputation will not matter for the sun bowl.

DPJ said...

Here are my thoughts. There is still some version of the 2 win rule left with the bowl tie ins, but I'm not 100% sure on the details of it.

Also, the Sun Bowl tries to get teams based on TV ratings, not traveling well since they have a great home base of fans. Since Pitt is a great TV team and not a traveling team we are the logical choice for this bowl.

Here is the way I see things playing out:

Cincy vs the ACC in the Orange bowl.

WVU getting to the Car Care bowl vs Maryland (or another ACC team)

UConn going to the International bowl.

Rutgers beats UL this weekend and ends up in the Papa Johns bowl vs a crummy team.

South Florida will play in the St. Pete bowl vs Southern Miss

and lastly:

I do believe we end up in the Sun Bowl vs Oregon State. The Sun would love to grab Notre Dame here but they can't because of the rule that a 6-6 team can not be picked over a 7 win or better team.

If I had my choice, and I hope to talk to Steve Pederson about this, I would work out a deal to let Notre Dame take the Sun Bowl and work our way into the Las Vegas Bowl.

Just so you understand, the Sun Bowl is a great bowl and I would love to go there, but Vegas is much cheaper to get to, more fans would probably go, and I really want to go back to Vegas.

However, the last time we played in the Sun Bowl was 1975 and the next year a great running back returned and led us to a national championship..........

Kyle said...

Brian Bennett actually answered my question:

"The Sun Bowl, on the other hand, is played in a smaller stadium and usually sells about 80 percent of its tickets to local fans. So, while that game really wanted Notre Dame for marketing purposes, it really doesn't care if it winds up with Pittsburgh or West Virginia. Yes, Kyle, the Panthers do have a horrible reputation for the way their fans travel, but this is one instance where it wouldn't matter."