Friday, November 21, 2008

Following Jason

I thought what Jason did in his last post was very interesting so I will be stealing his idea and modifying it just a bit.

My question to the readers is this:

What do you think of the River City, River Phoenix, Rivers Cuomo, Three Rivers rivalry trophy?


johnny said...


I think the trophy is so ridiculous that it's actually kind of cool. It's like some crazy ass gadget that Willy Wonka would use or something. The symbolism behind it is also kind of sweet. I like the way that the wood carving traces the Ohio River, and I did not know the part about the lever getting pulled towards the winning team.

Let's also be realistic for a moment. Some other 'more historical' rivalries have dumbass trophies, like the Little Brown Jug, The Old Oaken Bucket, and of course, The Land Grant Trophy.

Bottom line, the trophy will be defined by the quality of games played to earn it. If the dude who exchanged words with me at the bar last night with his Bungles jersey/Bearcats hat is any indication, they are taking it pretty seriously.

Mr. Belvedere > WKRP in Cincinnati

Let's do it.


J Jones said...

If we can have this trophy for another 100 years then the thing they built will be awesome.

As a sidebar, I spent much of my childhood watching the piece of shit that was WKRP in Cincinnati my yinzer dads favorite show. I never saw a second of Mr. Belevedre and I feel like i was neglected. All I can say about WKRP was that, I'm assuming it was made before comedy existed because that couldn't have been less funny.

J Jones said...

Also the title of this post makes me laugh. Many a person has said they were "following jason"..

Trevor said...

This trophy is stoopid. They need to just let pitt keep it forever.

Cincy hasn't won shit, can't win shit, and will never win shit.

Joshua said...


Pitt hasn't won s**t this year, either.

Trevor said...

Suck my dick fag.

When's the last time cincy won this stupid ass trophy?