Monday, December 1, 2008

A moment of silence.

If you're reading this, I want you to stop whatever you are doing and just relax for a minute.

Think back to exactly one year ago when we were heading into Morgantown as 28 point underdogs getting ready to see WVU head to the national championship.

Take a minute to think back and enjoy what a defensive gem we witnessed that night as we went on to a 13-9 victory and shattered the hopes and dreams of all WVU fans, players, and coaches.


Michael said...

Dave, you will hate me for this, but this reminds me of going to the bowling green game, and all we had going for us. it reminds us of what could have been. celebration is critical, but we must ALWAYS be mindful of the past. we cannot have selective memories. that's what happens when you go into a Bowling Green game completely unprepared... i said remember bowling green. remember rutgers. remember cincinati. each loss tooks something progressively bigger from us, realistically speaking. BG knocked sobriety into us and took away our only slim chance at a NTG. Rutgers showed us how cocky we get and how arrogant we were after a few "big" wins. cincy just proves that we are where we deserve to be.

This is a sobering moment indeed. one year ago, we were on the cusp of the biggest emotional high we have all ever experienced. Remember everything and we can ride a mature Shady to glory next year.

johnny said...


Regarding your last post from the previous thread. Also, remember that the last time we played Oregon State, a legendary Panther had a breakout game that eventually catapulted him into an eventual Heisman run and Biletnikoff win. Just saying.

Also, I see that the payout for the Sun Bowl is $1.9 million versus only $950,000 for the Vegas Bowl. Is the potential fan support and goodwill worth that much of a pay cut to you?

DPJ said...

The Sun Bowl is best for Pitt, but I just really want a vacation to Vegas.

johnny said...


The sports book at the MGM Grand is where you can find me when I head to Vegas. For my money, you also can't beat the buffet at the Bellagio on the weekends.

I also had some selfish reasons for making sure that Pitt isn't playing in Charlotte, since I have tickets for the Pens-Habs that day and don't want to miss it.

DPJ said...

I've never caught the buffet at the bellagio (in fact, that is one of the few major hotels on the strip i've never been too), but I have to say I really enjoyed the buffet at the Mirage (Cravings).

I've never done any sports betting in Vegas. Do some places have better payouts/odds than others?

The one thing I remember about MGM Grand was that inside it was like a small city. I couldn't believe how big it is.

johnny said...

For the most part the lines on the games are virtually identical. If there were too great a disparity, like if a casino like the Venetian were getting heavy action on Pitt before UConn this week and it moved their line significantly, it would present an opportunity for arbitrage.

The point is that if the equilibrium of the lines in all the casinos were disrupted, even by a few points, you could mitigate or even insure against loss by betting heavily in both directions, or every possible outcome, and effectively guarantee yourself some kind of profit. As a practical matter, you need pretty deep pockets to do this, though.

I'm no high roller, but I do enjoy throwing a few bucks on some games and enjoying the free drinks in the sports books. Last summer I made a few bucks riding a very solid UNC team in the College World Series and the US over Mexico in the Gold Cup. Betting is all a time value of money thing, though, and I don't dig on slots, hate poker, and don't feel like reading ten books on Blackjack strategy. Quite frankly, I enjoy watching some sports and drinking, so if I can profit off of those vices, so much the better.

In an unrelated note, scrolling down Zeise's chat, Jill Karwoski of Beaver doesn't think too much of your taste in motivational music. I think it's time to retire the impression of the Yinzer from Monroeville who needs to cut the grass instead of watching Pitt games. Instead, a Jill Karwoski impression should be the archetype for all things Pitt Hater. No Script Pitt? Speak to Jill. Lack of game day atmosphere? Jill's got the answers. Off campus stadium got you down? Let's get Jill's take on that one.