Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Is 16 Days Enough?

So for the last couple of days this question has been running through my head thinking about the Navy game: Is 16 days long enough to build a defensive gameplan to beat the triple option? The only answer I continue to come up with is maybe. There is one thing we now know about this team in the past probably 10 games reaching back to last year, we can stop the spread. Navy is such a unique offense and played so well against us last year that I can't get confident about this game.

If the Navy offense is working on Saturday they are going to be getting big yardage and time-consuming drives. What killed us last year was the fact that they turned long drives into touchdowns. This year I think the goal has to be not allowing the points. It may be impossible to completely shut them down but you can keep them out of the endzone, hopefully the offense can score enough points to put the game out of reach. 

What I do know is that against USF this defense became Phil Bennett's. His style overrode the way we usually play defense and I'm extremely interested to see what he does against this unique gameplan of Navy.

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dugdogmaster said...

Ooh, I wish this game were going to be broadcast!