Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thomas makes it official.

As reported yesterday, Todd Thomas has announced his decision to join the Pitt Panthers. Hopefully his academics clear up and he can join the Panthers next season.


Michael said...

did we REALLY blow bostick's redshirt on something like this?! seriously?!

johnny said...

Agreed. Unless Stull got dinged up and they feel there's the possibility he may miss some time it's practically inexcusable. If they gave Bostick the option of going in or preserving his redshirt, then he made a poor decision. I mean, I guess he could still redshirt next year, but why force a decision that didn't need to be made?

Other than that, it sounded like a great victory for the Panthers. Any update on Mick Williams's status. I heard he suffered a concussion in practice.

Texas looking dominant right now, by the way.

Michael said...

texas is scary good... at texas. but i would avoid calling it practically inexcusable. there is absolutely NO reason for this.

but yes it was a big win. the score would have been 52-7 if stull hadn't thrown those damn picks... but that running back screen is amazing.

AND WHY DID WE GO BACK TO THE BUBBLE SCREEN? i mean thank god we chose the right times to do this. i heard from our correspondence in the area that we looked awful, but on the big screen at the pete i say we looked pretty good. one running back in particular. i am referring of course to Collins. he averages 10 yds a carry and is a strong blocker.

McKillop is a beast.

dicicco, greg williams, gusmus, and sheard all had huge games.

dave brytus gets his inspiration from Kimbo Slice fight highlights... the announcers made a point of mentioning that thrice. dude needs an upgrade.

Here's a good thought: our o-line is looking solid... never thought i'd say that.

bill stull is getting some relief when baldwin is in. baldwin had three catches... for 101 yards and a TD (a damn good td, at that)

i'll leave with a note: you'd better hope that WVU is the favorite this year when we play them, given the trend of thursday upsets.

John said...

I want to punch Wanny in the face. He is an idiot. Bostick should transfer immediately.

johnny said...

I mean, I won't overtly question the personnel decisions of the staff since we are now #17 in the AP poll. I'll just say that Coach Wannstedt is taking a page out of the old Piper's Pit because just when we think we know all the answers, he comes along and changes the questions.