Thursday, October 2, 2008

Live Blog Pitt vs USF

7:28- Ok so we are almost at the pregame. Erin Andrews is in Tampa so we have that going for us, nice to look at not so nice on the ears with that insane accent. Mark May continues to get mocked on a weekly basis for his Pitt affliation. I'm extremely hyped up for this hopefully I'm not crying by the end of the first quarter. 

7:47- Awful first two plays by Stull. If he is playing like this all game I don't see what we can do on offense. They bailed us out with that running into the kicker penalty. Hopefully it gets better.

7:51- Offense looks as bad as I have ever seen. Stull is overhwhelmed and scared you can see it in his body language. We had no choice but to call that screen on the third down. The offensively line was completely demolished off the line. This could get ugly and get ugly fast.

7:57- Absolutely huge defensive stand. Bringing the heat on the third down was great. USF looks really sloppy tonight. If we get it together on offense this game could be ours. 

8:02- Two good runs by Shady and then nothing. Stull needs to calm down. This game isn't that far out of reach. As I was typing that absolute disaster. 7-0 Bulls good job coaching the special teams. 

8:06- Nate Nix blew his assignment on that punt. Some of the team looks scared of the atmosphere which is scary. You can see the fear in the body language.

8:11- THAT IS WHAT EVERYBODY WAS TALKING ABOUT. There we go Baldwin!!!! 7-7

8:13- Hopefully that play gives Stull some confidence. Baldwin is untouchable by any corner in the entire nation. Great play and great throw, we have been waiting all year for that.

8:15- Giant play by DeCicco, what a great time to make one. Momentum has completely changed. Come on offense.

8:17- Two good plays by Cross on first and second down. Stull still isn't settled down and that doesn't bode well for the rest of the game. Big time missed opportunity and a terrible punt by Brytus.

8:23- The defense looks much improved, Romeus almost had Grothe in the backfield. That play was just bad luck but I'm really excited about the way we have negated the speed of the USF offense. Hopefully this drive ends up with a field goal or better. Very promising.

8:28- Fantastic defensive stand and amazing special teams play. We are playing with great fire right now and we need to turn it into some yardage on offense. Awesome!

8:30- Shady may have just cost us all our momentum. He needs to stop that.

8:33- The defense looks exactly like what we thought preseason. USF looks slow and that is coming from our great defensive pressure. Shady needs to be benched. 

8:42- Best offensive drive we have had all year. Shady has really came back and had a great drive. Awesome play call on the fourth down with the pass to Collins. This is as effecient and as smooth as our offense gets. I have to praise that giant block by Thomas on the big run from Shady. Looking good.

8:49- 14-7 that drive was all Shady. What a great play and great job of keeping moving after the tackle. Baldwin has already made a huge impact on this game. What a great drive!

9:00- Grothe looks really bad and our defense looks great. We need to attack here!

9:08- Baldwin has dominated this game when the ball has been thrown to him. Another great drive but I fear Wanny is going full field goal mode. We need a touchdown it could be huge.

9:12- Wanny is the only coach I have ever seen who ices his own kicker consistently. Lee makes it though. 17-7

9:16- Best football we have played this year. We need to come out and attack in the second half though. This is not the time for Wanny ball but seriously this first half has been amazing.

9:47- The next offensive series is going to decide the game here. We had to expect USF to get it going and now its going to be up to Cavanaugh and Wanny to attack the USF defense. Again Wanny ball will kill us this half.

9:55- That drive didn't go well but we tried to open it up and make plays. This game has been a complete 180 from what the rest of the season has been. If we go down at least we have gone down fighting.

10:00- Huge defensive stand again. Where was this team hiding for the first 4 games? McKillop is a god amongst men.

10:05- Wow we really didn't need that. Stull needs to get rid of that ball. 

10:08- The blitz has killed Grothe all game. I love the pressure that we are bringing. This is an exciting defense. Good luck offense.

10:12- What an amazing play by Shady. Really great stuff.

10:23- I never thought I would say this but we are playing perfectly on offense to attack the USF defense. The screen passes are working perfectly and we are finding ways to get first downs while eating up clock. Cavanaugh has called a perfect game thus far. Those words shouldn't make sense in a sentence but tonight they do. 

10:29- Good drive it would have been even better with a touchdown. The defense needs to make a big stand. This is going to be interesting.

10:39- That was all fatigue and Thatcher being atroicous in coverage. So I guees Buddy Morris isn't the genius of fitness people want to pass him off as. Still it has been a great game and we are leaving it all on the field.

10:44- Shady is all the way back. Oderick Turner seems to have really responded to getting benched. Again where was this offense all year? Going for 2!!!!! Stull blew it but still, this has been such a great coming out party.

10:51- Amazing job by the defense. I take all that back that I said. Amazing defensive gameplan by Bennett.

10:58- Great job of running out the clock. Shady has really announced that he is still a national star. This win makes us relevant nationally again. 

11:01- This is the biggest win we have had under Wannstedt. The program is now on a different level then we have been in years. What an amazing job by Phil Bennett and Matt Cavanaugh, this is exactly what we needed. Unbelieveable!

11:12- As a closer this was the best called game I have seen under this coaching staff. Every thing we did worked and this is something we could totally build off of. Not to overrate it but beating USF on national tv at home is amazing. This is one of those moments as Pitt football fans we wait for. Enjoy every single second before the next game because Pitt football now means something.


johnny said...


J Jones said...

It all doesn't seem real but that just happened!!!!

Michael said...

i am pleased. i think this game was almost perfectly balanced. give stull the confidence he needs to make the simple plays and no mistakes and this offense can generate. almost everything went our way today.

johnny said...

First, let me say that I am drunk as hell right now. Let's be realistic for a moment here. I considered myself one of the Wannstedt supporters and I feel redemption like Shawshank, baby!!!

I was talking to my boy, a Pitt grad at Miami now, and we agreed that this was the feeling we got when Pitt beat Va Tech on national tv!

I am so proud of this team that Tyler and I are gonna drop F-bombs on national television.

This game vindicated Coach Wannstedt, Cav, and the Buddy Morris way of doing things. This was no aberration.

Hail to Pitt, brothers and sisters! Savor the victory lights on the Cathedral...I know I will.