Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cat Basket Podcast Number 20

Our immediate thoughts after the Rutgers game.


johnny said...

Help me out on this. I gave Haffley some props for pulling in some commits from Jersey this year. How much of the blame do you think should be allocated between Haffley as d-backs coach, Bennett, and Coach Wannstedt?

Your idea for the new coaching philosophy kind of reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld where Costanza does everything the opposite of the way he normally would. High comedy, indeed.

Also, Jones, the new rumor, started by me, is that Gattuso will take over in 2010.

Rage Against the Machine = stunned!

WeisGipper said...

Keys to the ND-Pitt Game:


J Jones said...

I've pulled the Contanza three or four times in my life. I like to just scream about the Yankees hoping I could get a job with them even though I know nothing about baseball. Also I may or may not have found a chair with a cooler in it.