Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Predictions For USF

Quick turnaround for the team means quick turnaround for my predictions. National TV and a top 10 opponent make this game incredibly exciting. This really is it for the season if we have any hopes to be a real contender for the Big East title.  A win here changes everything about the program in terms of perception and the trajectory of this season.On to the predictions:
  1. The running game is going to have a big day. Shady is going to have his breakout game this season and Hot Rod is going to continue his great play. I feel like the gameplan is going to be as vanilla as we have ever seen it so the running game needs to be successful.                              Shady Stat Line: 35 carries, 185 yard, 2 TDs                                                                                  Hot Rod Stat Line: 10 carries, 55 yards, 1 TD
  2. On defense we are either going to have feast or famine. Our lack of pressure on the quarterback could be a blessing in disguise if the secondary has a great game against Grothe. Sheard and Romeus need to have a huge game tracking him down and not letting him break the big run. Quarterbacks that can do it all have killed us in the past and I'm not confident that this is going to change.
  3. Stull is going to have a much better game. I have a feeling that he will be able to bounce back and manage the game. It's not realistic to expect any sort of big statistical game from a QB in our offense but if Stull can complete over 65% of his passes and not turn the ball over it will be a good day. 
  4. Baldwin and Cross will be non-factors again. The coaching staff is going to play an extremely tight and conservative game. I don't expect to see any type of deviation from the run the ball up the middle and play field position football game.
USF is the class of the Big East and have already won a big game at home against Kansas. Wanny and co. are going to try to go into South Florida and keep the game close until the fourth quarter and win the game then. I don't know if that is going to work but I'm going to be a bit delusional when I give my prediction. 

Pitt 24 USF 21


John said...

Have you watched the same Pitt team I have this season?!? Everyone says a win is a win. Not true. We started off 6-1 in 2006 and went on to lose every other game that season. Buffalo, Syracuse, and Iowa are all terrible. We had a tough time even getting three wins from them. What has DaWa done that gives you any confidence that he will coach this team with his head not up his ass. Hey Dave: Carter is no longer President, Disco is dead, and the Pirates are garbage just like your coaching philosophy.

J Jones said...

Not going to claim anything but still I called the win almost with the exact score. Princess Jasmin would be proud of my magic abilities.