Thursday, October 2, 2008

It is a good thing that the games aren't played on paper

Actually, maybe it would be better if they were. We'd be undefeated and heading towards another victory. As you know I usually try to do some predictions before the game, much like Jason Jones. This week however the words were taken out of my mouth. If you want to read a good and humorous take on the game, check out Panther Rants preview. I don't have the balls to include the picture of Darrell Strong "saluting" the USF student section, but they have the photo over there, so go and check it out.

If you want to know what the worst part of tomorrow night is going to be I can try and explain it for you.

I will be getting out of class around 8:15 tomorrow because somehow my professor thinks that when a class is scheduled to end at 7:50 it actually means 8:15 so that he can get an extra 25 minutes into class. I mean it's not really like any of us mind being in class until 8:15. We're grad students I'm sure there is nothing else we'd rather be doing.

So at 8 tomorrow we have the Pitt game (espn), Survivor: Gabon (cbs), and Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (fox).

At 9, they canceled the office so that we can watch Joey the Shark and Sarah Barracuda battle about taxes and other stuff. That will be on every single channel except for TBS (baseball playoffs) and ESPN (go Pitt).

So while tomorrow will be filled with football, it looks like I get to spend Friday finding Ramsay's and the full debate online while watching Survivor on the ol' On Demand.

So if you're not expecting too much from the game (like I am) I recommend you go onto youtube and watch some Pitt clips to get you in the mood and pumped up.

I really hope that we win this game and I believe that if our special teams plays well and if we prevent the big play, we can win this game. I just don't see that happening even if Selvie doesn't play.

My prediction: USF 38 - Pitt 20. They put it on us last year, but our defense is better this year. Our offense put up a decent amount of points last year, but their D is better this year too. I'm praying for a miracle, but I'm trying to be as realistic as possible. I really hope that tomorrow all of the readers leave comments here laughing at me for being wrong and Pitt pulling off the upset.


johnny said...

So, wait, who's getting more points in the DPJ spread; Pitt or Palin? If you could see my avatar, it would be pretty obvious who I pick in this game. I would also like to take the $100 bounty that I placed on Joe Flacco's right shoulder and place it on Goatse's right ankle.

I expect a coming out party for the d-line and Shady this evening.


Rob said...

I am in a similar situation. I have the Pitt game at 8, Kitchen Nightmares at 9, and It's Always Sunny at 10pm.

If Pitt gets behind early, I figure I can watch them both.