Sunday, October 26, 2008


I know everybody is expecting me to come and really tear into Wanny after yesterday's embarrassment but I'm not. Everything that I can say about him has already been said a million different times by people much more eloquent than me. All I will say is that this has happened over and over again. Whenever we are about to turn the corner and get the fanbase engaged again he loses and usually in spectacular fashion. I now don't see another game on the schedule that we can expect a win in, hopefully we at least put up a fight in South Bend.

I'm really past the point of trying to dissect why Wanny does the things he does. All these things lead back to the basic problem, he is a horrible coach and is in way over his head. I wish I could say that game has passed him by but it isn't like he had glory years. He is slowly eroding away this program into a laughing stock and we are all on the ride. I heard someone say something to the effect that Wanny is just Greg Robinson with more resources and that is dead on. There is never going to be a turnaround under him and getting to the 3rd level bowl for the Big East is a joke. We had one of the easiest schedules possible and we are losing easy games like this one. I don't need to hear the bs that Rutgers is our "bogey team" because they are atrocious. Our defense made Mike Teal look like Colt McCoy and it seemed like a simple adjustment would have stopped all of this. 

So here is where we are at 5-2 with two losses to Bowling Green and Rutgers. What good is possibly going to come from this season other than more jokes and a low end bowl. Wow I should be excited because as well all know it takes years and years of poor losing football to get good. I can't wait until the presser where Wanny passes this loss off as a good showing and deflects the blame away from himself. That is the problem there is no accountability at the top for stuff like this so there is no hope of it ever stopping. I have a feeling Wanny will still get a contract extension and his ass kissed by his supporters who have such low expectations for this program that anything seems passable. Remember we used to go to bowls all the time but that guy got ran out of town by a small-minded and backwards thinking fanbase/administration. 

I really don't know what to do as a panther fan anymore, currently we have a once in a lifetime player but his run here is ruined by bad coaching. Shady is amazing and I'm happy to have seen him play here but 20 years from now we are going to look back at this era and laugh. I don't even want to gloat about being right about Wanny, I just want to finally win. 

This is the new showcase loss for the biggest loser in college football. Enjoy it moustache face.


Michael said...

as much as i hate to admit this, it wasn't really wanny's fault. i mean, it's not his job to prepare for a rutgers team when we have navy and south florida wins...

Anonymous said...

What does that even mean? It's wanny's job to prepare the team every week. The defensive game plan was a joke. You can blame poor execution by players if something is one or two plays but when they had at least 8 passes over 15 yds or more its a joke. The coaching was pathetic and I stand by everything that was said in the post.

Dan said...

He was being sarcastic.

Michael said...

For those of you who don't know, I am Studzy. and yes, i was being sarcastic. while wanny did well in prepping for usf and navy, he did nothing for this game, and it showed. he made no adjustments to their passing at all throughout the game.