Monday, October 13, 2008

Plus 1, Minus 1

There was no big surprise when Brock DiCicco called Dave Wannstedt to let him know he planned on joining the Panthers. Pretty much everyone figured Brock would be a Panther and the only question we asked was when he would announce it. Sure there was some doubts after the Bowling Green game, but almost everyone saw the writing on the wall once he canceled his trip to Wisconsin.

Brock makes recruit #12 for the Panthers and he will probably end up at tight end here. We are lucky to get him as he will probably red shirt next year and get time to learn the position as Nate Byham, John Pelusi and Dorin Dickerson finish up their senior year. Outside of Brock, we will have Mike Cruz and Justin Virbitsky lined up to take the tight end spot. I don't believe that Cruz will finish his career as a tight end so that should line up a nice battle between Virbitsky and DiCicco for the tight end job.

With this commitment, we are now 1 of 3 for the 3 guys who I believe are Pitt locks. The other two are both 4 star recruits: wide receiver Todd Thomas and linebacker Dan Mason. Thomas is an interesting guy as he is very talented, however his grades are questionable and while he may commit, he may not be on the roster next year.

Also of recruiting importance is that the 3rd rated QB, Tajh Boyd has decommitted from WVU. Apparently he now has 0 interest in joining back with the mountaineers. Not only have they lost him, but it looks like he will be going to either Boston College or Tennessee, both of which are having some problems within their own conference.

Another recruit of theirs, wide receiver Logan Heastie from Virginia is supposedly going to re-open his commitment. This is very interesting as he was a solid commit to the mountaineers and was one half of recruiting gems of this class with Boyd. A class that could have been huge for the mounties now seems to be falling apart.

Lastly, I wanted to point out for everyone worrying about that school out east that is "not our rival", that even though they don't have a loss, they are not doing well in the Pittsburgh area. They only have one recruit for next year that came from inside the "Pitt wall" that Wanny talked of building. I wouldn't worry about them too much though. They have a cupcake schedule while playing in an overrated garbage conference. Say what you will about the Big East, but at least we don't go around acting like we are the greatest conference in the world. Perception is not always reality. While the Big 10 may be considered a good conference, they are not. Outside of one good team at the top every year they are pretty weak, much like the Big East.


johnny said...

I was speaking to my good friend, a Penn State alum, and he was running a bunch of scenarios past me in regards to how their season will turn out. He is afraid that they could run the table but end up behind Texas and Bama or even a 1-loss team like Florida because of their poor non-con schedule. I almost made him vomit when I told him that scheduling Pitt instead of Coastal Carolina or Temple could have been enough to set them over the edge. Enough about that clown college, though.


Kyle said...

It would greatly strengthen both school's schedules. Paterno still seems to hold a grudge for Pitt's role in the failure of his proposed eastern conference. Fair or not, if PSU's weak schedule keeps them out of the national title game he may want to reconsider a home-and-home with Pitt.