Thursday, October 9, 2008

Weekend College Football Preview

Well since there hasn't been that much to write about since the great USF win I thought I would bring some non-Pitt content to the Cat Basket. Another weekend of college football is coming up and the Big 12 and SEC continue to be the only conferences that truly matter. Here are my picks and thoughts:
  1. (5) Texas vs (1) Oklahoma: First off this game isn't going to be on TV in Pittsburgh because they are showing the Big East Game of the Week. Let that simmer for a second, instead of getting the best college football game of the year so far they are showing a game from the worst BCS conference in the nation. Onto the game this is going to be a really close one with some amazing QB play. I'm going out on a limb and saying that Texas is going to win this game. I love Sam Bradford and I think he is the next big quarterback but I really like the versatility that Texas has on offense. Colt McCoy can do it all and I think his running will push Texas over the top. The winnner of this game will be 1/2 of the BCS Title Game.
  2. Notre Dame vs (22) North Carolina: UNC is going to smash the Fighting Horrible Arrogant Fan Base. Notre Dame is still an uneven team and I don't buy the hype that Jimmy Clausen has turned the corner at all.
  3. (17) Oklahoma St vs (3) Missouri: Another amazing Big 12 game but I think this is going to be a showcase win for Mizzou. Enjoy Chase Daniel playing the quarterback position.
  4. (6) Penn St vs Wisconsin: I have been convinced that Wisky is the best team in the Big Ten but I have been proven wrong the last two weeks. I'm not jumping off the bandwagon because the Badgers are going kill the BCS Title game dreams of the Nitters.
  5. (13) Vanderbilt vs Mississippi St: This is my upset pick of the week. I like Vanderbilt and I'm totally rooting for them to pull the impossible and win the SEC but this game feels like a trap. After the big win over Auburn I could see a let down and Mississippi St. is a tough team to beat on the road just like the rest of the SEC.
So there are some quick thoughts I have about the weekend just let me warn you that I'm usually wrong about everything.


johnny said...


If you are anything, it is a man of the people. Thanks for throwing the masses a bone with some weekend analysis.

Interesting prediction on the Shootout, both in terms of the winner and conceding a spot in the national championship to them. I wouldn't rule out some of the Big 12 North teams just yet, and they've shown themselves quite feisty in the Big 12 Championship. I think we all remember Oklahoma getting smoked by K-State on their way to getting smoked by USC.

Still, I think you have a point, and I think we are headed to a 1-loss Big 12 vs. 1-loss SEC team in the national championship. I like Oklahoma vs. the winner of LSU/Bama, though Texas is certainly no stretch.

Dan said...

If Ohio state only has 1 loss at the end of the year they will be in the title game.

johnny said...

No way Jokehio State gets in over a 1-loss USC team or a 1-loss team from the SEC or Big-12. The voters will go out of their ways to prevent them and the BCS system from an embarrassing 3rd consecutive national sodomizing.

Michael said...

ranked teams just can't hold onto their ranks, anymore. i was dead wrong about missouri and about oklahoma. god damn, man. i just dont know what to think anymore!!!

johnny said...

Scout has Brock Deccico as the newest Panther. Congrats to he and his family and best of luck to him and his high school the rest of the way.

Let's keep winning this season and round out another nice recruiting class.