Sunday, October 19, 2008

Navy Game Thoughts

Well after a nice and much needed shower and nap I'm back to give some of my thoughts on the Navy game from yesterday. It was an odd feeling watching us completely dominate a team and have the scoreboard reflect the talent gulf between the teams. I could get used to blowout wins though if we want to start doing this than once every couple of years.

First off Shady is completely back on track in terms of becoming a top 5 running back in the nation. He took a nothing play at the end of the first half and turned it into huge gain. This is the beauty of the way he plays when he is at his best, Shady can succeed in a vacuum. Navy wasn't prepared to stop a player of his level and he really hammered them every chance he could get. 8.7 yards a carry in a game like this is exactly what we need to keep on winning.

Speaking of top level talent we are seeing the slow emergence of Jonathan Baldwin as an elite player in college football. The mismatches that the he causes every game have been the catalyst for the improvment in the offense. He needs to touch the ball more and more because only good things are happening when he gets it. Having Baldwin to make big plays the past two weeks has been a godsend for Bill Stull. 

As for Stull count me as completely disappointed. The only thing he has offered the offense this season is good decision making. He has protected the ball fairly well but last night he threw 2 picks and looked extremely uncomfortable. Against USF he had the same demeanor in the pocket. Stull can't make every throw due to his lack of arm stregnth so he has to have impeccable decision making. The passing offense really has the handcuffs on what type of plays Cavanaugh can call. Hopefully, Stull can get back to managing the game and allowing the weapons to make plays. 

Defensively I thought we handled the option much better. I was flipping out at the mistakes we continued to make in the first quarter but luckily that stopped throughout the game. This is the only time we are going to see this offense so I'm satisfied with stopping them and winning.

I really want to mention how great the atmosphere was. So many cool traditions from the Midshipmen and the fans couldn't have been more respectful. By far my favorite away game yet.

As for the elephant in the room the whole Bostick situation we will be going into detail on this over the next week. Let's just say The Cat Basket is a little bit angry.


John said...

Hope you got that door fixed.

dugdogmaster said...

Twas a great win, and not even as close as the score may have indicated

Todd said...

I am puzzled by the decision to play Bostic as well. He was so highly recruited I can't figure out why the staff would have given up on him already.

PittInCT said...

I was baffled too, but you have to wonder... This is the second game this season where Stull has come up limping. Wannstedt may realize that between people's patience with him, the talent the team's got, and the current state of the conference that this might be the year to take over the Big East. Pull out all the stops. I don't think he was giving Bostick quality reps there by any means, but he may have been making a statement. Mainly to Bostick. "We need 2 QBs". Not entirely defending the decision, just offering a guess. Who knows, Pat might have been getting complacent with this "redshirt year" we've all hung on him. I find it hard to believe that the staff's given up on Bostick's future after one trial-by-fire season as a true freshman.