Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Week 5 Jones Picks

Current Record: 13-9 (HA!)

So I went 1-6 last week and trust me I felt it in the wallet losing a ton of bets. At least, Penn State lost but I couldn't enjoy it after the events of earlier in the afternoon. Now to more crappy picks for this week:
  • Colorado vs West Virginia: Not super sure about this game. I think WVU is the better team but this should be close and could be a replay of last year. Jones Pick: WVU
  • (22) Michigan vs Michigan St.: I'm still not sold at all on Michigan being a decent team. Michigan St. has been pretty bad this year but rivalry games always bring out big performances. Jones Pick: Michigan St
  • (4) LSU vs (18) Georgia: Best game of the entire week. Georgia has been a very entertaining team this season and LSU might be ranked a bit high. I think the home field advantage plus great play from Joe Cox will carry Georgia. Jones Pick: Georgia
  • (7) USC vs (24) California: Watching Cal implode last week made me laugh so much. They have a Pitt-like knack of ruining every chance of success they have. I expect USC to get back into their usual dominant groove in the PAC 10. Welcome to the next 10 years of USC football, lose a bad road game then run the table in the PAC 10 looking amazing. Also add in crushing Big 10 opponent in a bowl game. Jones Pick: USC
  • Washington vs Notre Dame: I like Washington and how they have looked this season. Remember how well they played against LSU in the opener. Another wonderful loss from ND should be expected here. Jones Pick: Washington
I can't say this enough people DO NOT BET OFF MY PICKS. You can tell I'm a Pitt Alum with the way I can kill any sort of roll I get on in most facets of my life. Back tomorrow with the picks for the Pitt-UL game.


Anonymous said...

Jones, I never bet, I just like to measure myself against you, you are the Ace Rothstein of the internet.

Here is my take:

West Virginia over CU

Michigan over MSU

LSU over Georgia

USC over California

Notre Dame over Washington (I hate ND)

Sadly, Pitt is going to lose to UL, the season is going to spiral out of control.

J Jones said...

Topic: How great is the original Kiss?

J Jones said...