Monday, September 28, 2009

Evaluating the Rest of the Season

I used to do this column two years back and with the events of the past weekend I thought I would look at how the season can shake out. Big East season starts Friday and you can make the case that the losses really count.

at Louisville: I can't see this game being a loss just because of how poor of a team the Cardinals are. Also they can't pass the ball well enough to dominate our defense.

vs UConn: You would think that this is another win because of the fact that UConn will run at us.

at Rutgers: Here is where the problems start again. Rutgers throws the ball out of the spread so that is 400 yards of offense guaranteed. Defensively Rutgers should allow us to score some points.

vs South Florida: If you watched them play FSU you can easily see how they could beat us. That being said Levitt is a goof of a coach who always finds ways to shoot himself in the foot and lose easy games. I could see South Florida coming out and attempting to do nothing but run at us. I also could see them getting 500 passing yards.

vs Syracuse: You wouldn't think this would be a tough game but Syracuse throws the ball. I think that we will have solved some problems by this point and should put in a decent performance. Do not be shocked if we lose this game though.

vs Notre Dame: I'm dreading this game because of the ND fanbase taking over Heinz Field. Weis has embarassed Wanny with the passing game before but I wonder if this ND team will have enough to win this game. Interesting and will probably be a close one.

at West Virginia: Rivalry game against a team coached by Stewart, we will win this.

vs Cincinatti: I don't even want to think about the offense of Cincy against this defensive scheme. I doubt this will even be close.

This season isn't over by any means. I think this is the most flawed team Wanny has coached since 2007. Everything Dave said in his columns are going to come into play throughout the rest of the season. If there is one thing we know about Wanny's tenure here is that nothing will change on either side of the ball. He is what he is as a coach and if his scheme doesn't work he will go down playing his style of football.

Low End Projection: 7-5 (losses to Cincy, ND, South Florida, Rutgers)
High End Projection: 9-3 (losses to Cincy, South Florida)


Anonymous said...

I agree, maybe 6-6, hopefully this is wanny's swan song season.

Danny said...

8-4 with a parade for Wannstedt for some how reaching a bowl 2 seasons in a row despite losing Shady and McKillop.

This team should be 10-2, but bone head coaching will kill that dream.