Sunday, September 6, 2009

Quick Pitt-YSU Thoughts

We recorded a podcast earlier today and I will put it up on the website by tomorrow. The podcast will have way more detailed thoughts from both of us. Here we go with some thoughts:
  • Adam Gunn looked fantastic at middle linebacker. I have been a huge supporter of Dan Mason getting a chance to start but I was wrong. If Gunn can play with the speed and physicality that he brought yesterday he can be an All Big East performer. Very impressive return from injury for Gunn.
  • Dion Lewis looked good. The whole problem with scheduling such a cupcake, YSU is bar none the worst team I have ever seen play at Heinz Field, is that you can never take stock in the numbers put up. Lewis looked really good but he didn't look like Shady did two years ago when he exploded on Grambling. What type of back Lewis is going to be will be apparent after watching him against a defense with speed.
  • Stull played exactly like you would expect Stull to play. The booing was the big talking point after the game but I don't see it as a big deal. Stull can handle it and the public perception of him will change if he wins games. Were the fans too quick to boo yesterday? Probably, but Stull has no good will built up with the fanbase and his performance was below average at best.
  • Sunseri looked good but he really needs to work on getting out of the huddle faster. I highly doubt we will see him throw many more passes this year but getting to watch him for a half yesterday was an interesting look into the future of the program. The pass to Baldwin was a great play.
So there we are 1-0 and we dominated a game we should have. Next week the real season starts at Buffalo. Can we please never schedule a middle of the road FCS team? It isn't like we need a cupcake on the schedule because of how even the Big East. Utah will be a much better opener next year.

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