Friday, September 25, 2009

Pitt vs NC State Predictions

I'm very excited yet also very concerned about this game. Over the past decade Pitt has a history of blowing games whenever we get on a roll and start to feel success. WaHa did it and now Wanny has continued the tradition. On to my thoughts:
  • Dion Lewis is going to bounce back after a sub 100 yard game last week. I think we are going to lean extremely hard on the running game. I would expect Lewis to get his first 30 carry game. Ray Graham is going to get over 10 carries for the first time in his college career in this game too. Lewis: 31 carries, 110 yards, TD Graham: 10 carries, 45 yards
  • I have a feeling that the defensive line will make an impact on this game. At Buffalo, they were spread out and made no impact on the game. This week I have a feeling that Sheard and Romeus will be seen in the backfield making big plays. There will be two turnovers forced by the defensive line.
  • As for Stull's performance tomorrow I have no idea. My money is that Cignetti goes insanely conservative with the offense and forces the run game no matter what. Against Navy we saw Stull at his absolute best but on the road against a team that can get after the QB is a different scenario. If he can put in an efficient game I will have turned the corner on him as a player.
We can't lose this game. If the past is any indication this a bogey game but I'm looking on the bright side. NC State is a very beatable team and if we are actually improved this is a win. You can read everything about this program and our players from this game. A loss here and we are the same team that can't get over the hump. With a win our season has no limit. So try to enjoy this game tomorrow knowing the importance it holds to the program.

Pitt 17 NC State 14

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