Monday, September 14, 2009

Cat Basket Podcast Number 23

Review of the Buffalo game.


johnny said...


You must have been freebasing when you were eating those atomic wings. The chicks in Buffalo are at best pedestrian, though in fairness the people in the city were all nice.

I thought that the architecture around that town was really nice and it reminded me of Shadyside or East Liberty around the Whole Foods and Giant Eagle.

On campus stadium debates are a joke. I can't wait until that vocal minority is dead.

Nice podcast as always.


DPJ said...

Haha, well it was Grant and Jones who were reporting on the hot chicks. I was busy watching the falls and bringing home the money from the casino.

I think we're going to need a return trip to Buffalo to check out the "scenery" again. Maybe Jones just found the jackpot on Chippewa St.

J Jones said...


I will admit I was quite intoxicated during the time at the bar. Grant and I both agreed that the hot chicks were surprising. Perhaps, I just found enough prospects that fit my keen eye for talent.

John said...

I did complain about having to park far away. I was mad that they had us loop through lots that were already full, the retards that had their chairs on the roads, and the car that was driving the wrong way in the one lot and made me back up. It would have been nice to have tailgated their. The open fields are great for tailgating and through the pig around before the game. Plus you cant beat the cost to park in any of those lots...FREE!!! You guys kept saying that you would rather have parking garages. Who wants to tailgate in a dark dungy parking garage? Lastly, I am not a yinzer. I hate yinzers. Who goes to a Pitt football game wearing Steeler shit?

DPJ said...

I will say this, it's more of the idea of being stuck in the past. We have no room for a stadium, no road infrastructure built for handing the traffic into and out of a stadium, and lastly we do not have sufficient parking available for a stadium.

John said...

I thought you did a nice job with the podcast but was hoping you guys would talk about Jason's future career as a comedian - boom, Grant almost killing me at Anchor Bar because of my salad dressing decision, Bob Barker, and dare I say Brandy, you are a fine girl.

DPJ said...

I say Brandy, BRANDY! You're a fine girl. FINE GIRL!