Friday, September 18, 2009

Pitt-Navy Predictions

Sorry again for missing last week just so you know I wouldn't have picked us to score 54 points. This is a very intriguing game considering the last two games against Navy. Will it be a close game like 2007 or a blowout like 2008? Here are my thoughts on the game:
  • Dion Lewis will continue the hot start to his college career. There is no way Navy can stand up to our offensive line just due to the size differential. Cignetti is focusing heavy on the run in the first half so I would expect another 15-18 carries before halftime for Lewis. 24 carries, 124 yards 2 TDs.
  • Stull will not throw 3 TDs again but he will play a very similar game to Buffalo. Expect nothing but screen passes and under 12 yard routes. Hopefully, the 10 or so passes Stull floats and throws to bad spots on the field just fall to the ground like last week. 12 for 19 125 yards 1 TD 1 INT
  • I expect the defense to have trouble keeping Navy out of our side of the field but Navy will struggle to score. As we have seen in the past the triple option can eat huge chunks of yards out of the field but struggles to put the ball in the endzone consistently. Our defense is going to have trouble making all the tackles to slow down this offense but in the end Navy will be kicking many field goals and going for it on 4th and 3's.
  • Cam Saddler is going to return a kickoff for a touchdown. He has been fantastic this season as a kick returner and is averaging almost 30 yards a return. With the significant speed advantage this is the game Saddler takes a seam and breaks the big one.
At points this game will be close but I think we have too much for Navy to handle. Hopefully when we get up in the second half we don't completely shut it down like last week. No sitting on 21 point leads anymore.

Navy 13 Pitt 34


John said...

When have you ever known Wanny to sit on a lead?!? LOL

rkohberger said...

Man - you've got to start realizing Stull isn't the same QB we saw last year.

Anonymous said...


Let us see how he performs at NC State, the first three games were against inferior opponents.

Then I will believe!!

The other John

johnny said...

NC State looked like utter garbage in their opener. Since then they have beaten down two inferior opponents. Their QB was hyped as the preseason pick for All-Conference, but I would take Jacory or Christian Ponder over him any day. To Russell Wilson's credit, though, he doesn't throw too many picks, so it will be up to the d-line to keep the pressure on him just as South Carolina did all game.

Hopefully Stull can avoid the kind of big hit that he had against Rutgers and keep improving from week to week.

The Third John.

John said...


You are right, what was I thinking. Stull should be thrown in the ring for Heisman talk after his performance the last three weeks. Pitt is going to win a National Championship and Wanny will win coach of the year. Hail to Yinzer Nation!!!

johnny said...

On the bright side, while I don't wish for any of your opponents to go down to injury, it looks like Pitt will avoid being Goatse'd by South Florida this year.

rkohberger said...

John (whichever number) - way to put words in my mouth.

I just find it rather funny that each week Stull's detractors sing the "let's wait until he faces XXX team next week" song, then when Stull performs admirably the same song gets sung again.

No one is saying he's playing at a star's level, but it's rather ridiculous at this point not to give Bill Stull credit for the way he's performed in these first three victories. Unless, of course, you'd rather see him fail.