Thursday, September 17, 2009

Week 3 Jones Picks

Well I'm 7-1 after two weeks so the bottom is about to drop out on these picks.
  • (14) Georgia Tech vs (20) Miami: This is a tough game to call because of how even (crappy) the ACC is. My guess is that the home field advantage will carry Miami to this win. That being said Miami's defense looked bad in the opener against FSU and if the triple option starts working Georgia Tech can easily win. Jones Pick: Miami
  • Tennessee vs (1) Florida: The payback for all the trash Lane Kiffin talked in the offseason is coming. Florida is going to dominate every aspect of this game but I don't expect it to be the 30 to 40 win that everybody else does. This game will be within 14 points until the half. Jones Pick: Florida
  • Michigan State vs Notre Dame: Here is the thing about picking this game, both teams are down and not any good. Charlie Weis is weeks away from being fired at Notre Dame but I think this game will be a bit of a reprieve. Without a doubt this is the toughest game I have had to pick in this picks because of how little I think of both teams. Jones Pick: Notre Dame
  • (19) Nebraska vs (13) Virginia Tech: I really like Nebraska and I think they are going to win the Big 12 North. Virginia Tech is the class of the ACC. So I'm going to use my patented system of hating the ACC. Jones Pick: Nebraska
  • (17) Cincinatti vs Oregon State: I think Cincinatti will do a great job representing the Big East in this game. Tony Pike is easily the best offensive player in the conference. Oregon State is maybe the 3rd or 4th best team in the Pac 10. Jones Pick: Cincinatti
  • Texas Tech vs (2) Texas: This is not going to be a replay of last year. Texas is going to absolutely put it on Tech. I would expect a 3 to 4 touchdown win. Jones Pick: Texas
  • West Virginia vs Auburn: I'm going to shock everybody with my pick here. I don't think Auburn is any good. West Virginia will be able to score enough in this game to win. Jones Pick: West Virginia
For the rest of the season I will make more picks. If there is a tough game I will pick and if there is another game you want my opinion on just let me know in the comments.


johnny said...

Michigan State has owned Notre Dame for over a decade. I expect Michigan State to win in South Bend.

Anonymous said...


Can't bet against you, so a few predictions of my own.

Tony Pike will be invited to the Heisman party in December, he will not win but he is that good in that offense.

I had the opportunity to watch Pike in high school and was amazed he was not recruited a little bit more, he was essentially an after-thought at UC.

Pike might pass for 4000 yards this year because of the design of UC's offense.

Lane Kiffin is already on the hot seat and Florida is going to run up the score further compounding Kiffin's problems regarding his mouth. Look for a big time blowout!

Not sure about Charlie, ND has a pretty easy schedule, USC will beat them and I also think Pitt will too, but other than that ND has a pretty easy schedule.

Any thoughts on the Pitt game?

I am going Pitt 28 Navy 14.

Navy will be very dangerous because their QB can throw when down and distance dictates, so if our safties and db's fall asleep look for big plays like last week.

I have to say the OC at Pitt is doing a great job at slowly bringing Stull along and building his confidence, but Stull does not have the arm strength to throw deep and accurate, this will bite them later on as the level of competition increases.

Enjoy your blog and podcasts!

J Jones said...

I realize that about Michigan State but they are not good. I could easily see that game being a MSU but I have a feeling ND will do enough to get by.