Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Anthony Gonzalez Picks Pitt

Some great recruiting news today with the commit of our top QB target Anthony Gonzalez. This is a huge get for the 2010 class and will add to the depth at the position. ESPN's recruiting site compares him to Tim Tebow which is quite high praise. Having an athletic QB down the line could be quite interesting in terms of how that fits into the current offense.


Justin said...

WOO! Watched him a little in the Game of the Week on PCNC recently. Didn't really see many offensive plays, but he was in on every single defensive play. He's an athlete!

Anonymous said...


Some of the State Penn faithful are saying this kid is linebacker material only and PSU wanted him as a linebacker, let me throw this one at you, back in the late 70’s PSU recruited Jim Kelly as a linebacker, just sour grapes by PSU fans.

Pitt needs QB’s who are athletic, he fits the mold.

johnny said...

Outstanding pick up by the staff. Looking forward to seeing him connect to Street again in a few years.