Monday, September 7, 2009

Cat Basket Podcast Number 22

We are finally back with our first podcast of the new season. Everything that was the Youngstown State game is covered. There is lots of talk about the next few weeks and where we stand as a team.

Cat Basket Podcast Number 22

The feed on Itunes and at Podomatic is still active so you can get it from the usual places.


johnny said...

Great to hear another Cat Basket Podcast.

Looking forward to seeing next week's game on TV. Some great references, particularly the Roger Sterling one.

Believe it or not I actually liked Buffalo when I visited it. Solid architecture and the people were really nice, though some of the most brutal looking people I've ever met. Enjoy the trip and the Noles game tonight.

Anonymous said...

Nice Podcast, the Buffalo game reminds me of Pitt's 2003 trip to Toledo, This game is going to be a test because as we know Buffalo will play the run and force us to pass.

Turner Gill is a very good coach and will find a way to attack our weakness on offense.

Pitt opened up as an 11 1/2 point favorite, too many points to give.