Thursday, September 3, 2009

Week 1 Jones Picks

I thought I would start a new column this season where I give picks for the top games of the weekend. Then I will track my progress throughout the season to see how awful my picks ended up being. Feel free to give your picks in the comment section.
  • South Carolina vs NC State: I'm actually very excited about this game because it gives us a look at how NC State plays at home. Jones Pick: South Carolina
  • (16) Oregon vs (14) Boise State: If Boise State wins this game they become the front runner for BCS buster aka team that is cheated out of a shot for the National Title. Jones Pick: Boise State
  • (13) Georgia vs (9) Oklahoma State: How great of a game is this? Popular opinion is leaning towards the Cowboys winning this game but I'm going against the grain. Jones Pick: Georgia
  • (5) Alabama vs (7) Virginia Tech: I feel like we saw this game last year with the Clemson-Alabama game. That being said Virginia Tech is a solid team who can easily win the ACC. Jones Pick: Alabama
I will be back later with predictions for Pitt-YSU on Saturday. Enjoy the beginning of the college football season tonight.


Anonymous said...


Here is my take:

South Carolina vs NC State, go with NC State

(16) Oregon vs (14) Boise State, go with Oregon

(13) Georgia vs (9) Oklahoma State, go with Georgia

(5) Alabama vs (7) Virginia Tech, go with Alabama

Anonymous said...

Jones, you are off to a great start!