Friday, September 4, 2009

Pitt-YSU Predictions

Well the time has finally come for the opener. I can't tell you how excited I am to get back to watching Pitt play with all the ups and downs. I've done this column for two years where I guess some stat lines and the final score of the game. Here we go:
  • There will be a 100 yard rusher tomorrow. The feeling in camp was that Graham is the home run hitter type back so I expect him to break a few big ones. Lewis has a ton of speed and could be too much for the defense of the Penguins. Lewis 14 carries 75 yards Graham 11 carries 101 yards 1 TD
  • Jonathan Baldwin is going to explode in this game. He is the type of player who can completely dominate a warm-up game like this. The only thing that can stop Baldwin in this game is the playcalling and the ball getting to him. 5 catches 99 yards 2 TDs
  • Look for a huge day from the defensive line. I would expect Romeus and Sheard to combine for 4 sacks. The Penguins are going to turn the ball over multiple times and maybe even give a defensive TD.
  • Stull is going to play exactly like he did in the opener against Bowling Green last year. He will complete the easy passes but he will continue to have the problems he had last year. First bit of pressure the Stull we all know will come out. 11 for 23 135 yards 2 TDs 1 INT.
  • Expect big things from the return game. With Saddler as the kickoff returner we are constantly a threat to score special teams TDs. Aaron Smith got rave reviews in camp as the punt returner.
This is as close to a gimme game as we could have possibly scheduled. Rule number 1 in the Wanny era is never expect a blowout but I think this could finally be the opening day where we look to dominate against a much inferior opponent.

Pitt 35 YSU 3


Anonymous said...

Have you had the opportunity to read Paul Z's article this Saturday am?

Here is a very revealing paragraph.

"Although Wannstedt might not have quite the sense of urgency some around the program do, it remains that he was hired to take the program to the "next level" and at this point, five years in, it is still trying to reach the level it was when he first arrived."

Read more:

Joshua said...

So far, it's as I thought: this game tells me NOTHING. We already knew Youngstown State was a bad football team, so them getting run over roughshod shouldn't surprise anyone. Billy Stull seems to be throwing like Michael Vick in the preseason, and that isn't a good thing. Against this team, he can get away with it. I doubt the same can be said against Buffalo.

Oh, and I should seriously make this my signature on here: f**k Wanny.

Brody said...

Wow. pretty close on your predictions there.