Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The U.S. Army All American Bowl is almost here

There are several reasons why this game should be on the "to watch" list of Pitt fans. First off, as a Pitt fan you probably enjoy watching football, so why not watch the future stars of collegiate football before they make the jump to the next level. Secondly Jonathan Baldwin and Lucas Nix will be playing and are also featured on the main roster page. The page also features every person's dream quarterback Terrelle Pryor and former WVU commit Josh Jenkins. Pryor's chances of coming to Pitt are very slim and Jenkins appears to be headed towards tOSU or FSU. Like we've always said before though, do not count out Dave Wannstedt's ability to recruit. Jenkins has schedule a few more visits and Pitt will be his last visit. This could help or hurt the Panthers. If he likes what he sees elsewhere then that will take away the chance we could have had to "WOW" him if he had visited early. If he visits late (like Shayne Hale) and hasn't been too impressed, we would be very lucky. The last reason to watch the AA game is to see what choice Shayne Hale makes. It is basically down to Pitt and tOSU. In case you haven't heard his tOSU visit was awful. They took him to a restaurant and he sat around all weekend watching tv with the players.

To those who laugh at my inside information, this comes directly from a coach "Shayne Hale never had any interest in Pitt, then with the win in West Virginia and Cam Saddler choosing Pitt, Hale couldn't wait to take his visit". Also his visit to tOSU was bad enough that he called Dave Wannstedt during his official visit to see if he could move his official Pitt visit up to that same day. Lucky for us Wannstedt told him to stay in Ohio and not to rush anything so that he could get the full experience of both schools before making up his mind. When Shayne Hale announces where he will be playing in the future, do not be surprised if Lucas and Jonathan stand with him as he puts on a Pitt hat. If Shayne does not pick Pitt, I will be highly surprised.

There has also been high interest recently regarding Central defensive lineman Dan Vaughn. Vaughn also looks like a Pitt lean and has Tino pulling for him to be a Panther. This is when things start to get interesting as only a few spots remain for each team and you never ever know what will happen on signing day.

Happy 2008 everyone!

~ DPJ ~

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