Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's a great day for hockey

Thats right folks, Andrew Taglianetti (the son of former penguin Peter Taglianetti) has committed to Pitt. This was no big surprise as Pitt was his biggest offer and everyone seemed to know from the beginning that he wanted to be a Panther.

Now you might be wondering why we offered someone like him who is only considered a special teams player. Well let me give you one word. Greyshirt. Basically he will enroll in Pitt a semester later than everyone else so he will not play until 2009. This allows us to have him not count for a scholarship this year.

We still have 2 ships left to give this season and we have about 6 or 7 offers out there right now. Now as was said in the comments section of the last post, "he" did not come on friday, but there is a rumor floating around that "he" did come down saturday morning.

With signing day coming very very soon, it will be great to see how the pieces fall into place.


Anonymous said...

i hope you know, i knew this before you and i have all the power.
true story.
tell your friends.

Jeff Long said...

What the hell does that even mean?

Jeff Long said...

Hey I'm the real Jeff Long live from Arkansas!!!

I must say the I am flattered!

The Cat Basket staff has been right on top of this!

Pryor didn't show up either day, check out the trib today, Harris has him going to tOSU.

The Prowler said...

Pitt has a solid looking class it looks like. Highly ranked by every source. This is a good addition. We could really use a super-stud QB... not a highly touted one... a super-stud 4 year starter.

Lets see what Wanny does with all the talent he has next year. If they can't get a passing game going, it will be harder for McCoy to dominate because his name is out there now.

DPJ said...

It wouldn't be a stretch to say that one of Wanny's 2 big surprises on LOI day could be the announcement of Tom Bradley as DC. It is not likely to happen, but if it does, do not be surprised.

Reed said...

^^^ That post means nothing. Mentioning something then saying it probably won't happen, and then saying don't be surprised is circular thought.

Plato said...

A circular thought!

Wow that's deep!

Did you hear TP is going to delay his announcement on what college he is going too!

Now thats a humble young man taking his time!

DPJ said...

I agree Reed. I should have been more clear in my posts. I have been told that yes Bradley is being considered for the DC job.

When Joepa steps down it will not be Bradley or Jaypa that takes over. There is not a reason for Bradley to stay at UPS if he can go else where and gain experience under a different coach. Now if he had some type of Jimbo Fisher deal, then that would make sense, but he does not and UPS will probably go after Schiano once Joepa is done. You would think after a while that Bradley would get tired of waiting and wants to get a shot at being a HC at a decent school.

The part where I said "it is not likely" that was just my opinion. I don't think that Bradley will come here, thats just how I feel.

As far as the 2 surprises, I have no clue what we will see.

J Jones said...

Circular Thought is an awesome name for a shitty early 90s alt rock band. Double bill Circular Thought and Better Than Ezra. I'm going to that show no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I agree that Bradley seems to be getting caught in the timing of things here. I go on the PSU boards and I'd say that a majority of PSU fans would like to see him take over after JoePa(assuming the coup d'etat by the administration actually succeeds).

Too bad really as he's been a good solider for Penn State for 20 years.

Reed said...

Sorry, that was me above.

Anonymous said...

ive heard something about Phil Bennett interviewing for the DC. any news on that?

DPJ said...

His name has popped up, but I haven't gotten any confirmation if he actually interviewed or now. I know he has some crazy good Texas connections, so that would be interesting to see if we switch from florida to texas if indeed he is named DC.

I bet on wednesday we find out who some of our new coaches are.