Friday, January 4, 2008

Mike Cruz commits.......again

In case you missed what happened, back in August Mike Cruz committed to Pitt. A few days after the announcement Mike and his mom said that Pitt was not good enough for Mike and that he wanted to go to a bigger school with more tradition and more pride. The end result? Mike comes back to Pitt. There was never any confirmed reason why Cruz committed and then backed out immediately but some of the coaches felt that it was because a certain coach (not wanny) told him that he would be moved to defensive line. Cruz wants to stay at TE and given the fact that we only have Nate and Pelusi plus Dorin switching over, we really needed a tight end in this class. Everyone feels (except me) that Jonathan Baldwin should stay at WR so that really meant Pitt needed a tight end for this class. Luckily for us Dave Wannstedt is a forgiving guy. If I had been the coach and Cruz made the comments while I was in charge, I would have pulled the scholarship offer and never returned it. That is part of the game though folks, recruiting is a nasty business and you need to get your hands dirty if you want to win.

For tomorrow, no surprise as Shayne Hale will be committing to Pitt. Jarred Holley should also be making an announcement that he will be coming to Pitt as well.

~ DPJ ~

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J Jones said...

Let's switch the star WR of the All American game practices over to TE. Your an idiot DPJ.........and you have bad insider information.