Thursday, January 3, 2008

Maybe this hoopie will stick around.

The hoopies down in Morganhole announced today that assistant coach and interim head coach Bill Stewart will become the next head coach of the University of Michigan at Morgantown Mountaineers.

To me this is pretty surprising as I thought for sure Terry Bowden would make enough noise in the news and on his website to get the job, but WVU went in a different direction. We all had to realize that Nick Saban was NEVER going to consider the WVU job and anyone who thought that he actually would is delusional. Jimbo Fisher has a nice job lined up once Bowden retires which also hurt the hoopies. So in the end it is Bill Stewart. I guess WVU fans will never have to worry about him leaving WVU since he was born in West Virginia.

Time will tell how Bill Stewart does as a coach, but do you Pitt fans out there remember when Mr. Hackett had the interim title removed and what he accomplished for us? Well, if the hoopies go down that road, I can live with that.

Stewart used to be the coach at VMI for 3 seasons where he led the Keydets to a solid 8-25 record. If you want more information on Mr. Stewart feel free to check out his Wikipedia page which is full of.......well, actually it's pretty empty at the moment but I'm sure we'll see some additions very soon.

~ DPJ ~


J Jones said...

This hire looks really uninspired. I think their program is going to take a huge step back. Nice to see they showed up to play Oklahoma, although I think Oklahoma could have gave a shit about that game.

13-9 and thats all that matters. Enjoy your Fiesta Bowl and get on that recruiting trail, oh wait guess what you ain't got no recruiting trail. I guess you need to shut the fuck up.

Studzy said...

he wont lead them to a championship. he came around and said the right things at the right time though. but he won't bring them a title game. maybe they'll have a few 2 and 3 loss season. but the big east belongs to pitt

Jeff Long said...

He is a good solid hire, Terry Bowden will never coach in the NCAA again, he is a walking violation.

The hoops are retards but not stupid enough to hire Terry.

WVU will be extremely competitive next year if Pat White returns.

DPJ said...

Maybe the hire was in part to try and prevent people from leaving. We did it with Dixon to keep Taft, but basketball is much different than football.

On paper the hire doesn't look too good, but on paper we should have never beaten them 13-9 so who knows.

Jeff Long said...

The test for the new WVU head coach will be how competitive they are in the 2010 season.

The third year is a good sign regarding progress or regression because that is when the "old" coaches players are beginning to leave the "system".

When Sherril left in the early 80's it took Foge 3 years to take Pitt from an elite program to an also ran.

We can really analyze this one in a few years to see if it was the right or wrong choice.