Monday, January 14, 2008

Alexander a Panther

I wish the Pete would have let me take my computer to the Pitt / Georgetown basketball game tonight so that I could have posted at half time about AJ Alexander committing. But oh well, we all find out eventually. AJ adds more speed and versatility to an already dangerous team.

For those of you at the game, you all probably saw despite the efforts of the Zoo and Cam Saddler himself, Terrelle Pryor really showed no interest in Pitt. My best guess is that he wanted a free ticket to a big game. So if a great atmosphere is what he wanted that is what he got.

Also Joe Trebitz committed today. He along with Justin Virbitzky could represent the last of the class. I'm sure if Holley still wants to come we will find a spot for him, but with these two plus Alexander, we are one ship away from filling our limit.

Congrats to the Panthers on a nice upset win today. That makes us 4-0 at home against top 5 teams at the Pete.

~ DPJ ~


Jeff Long said...


What happened to Holley?

Great atmosphere last night at the Pete!

J Jones said...

Another question what happened to Lucas Nix's other star? And Shayne Hale's top 100 ranking? I love how Pitt recruits get treated on the recruiting sites.

DPJ said...

Holley will be a Panther, have no worries about it. He told the staff the weekend I reported it that he will be coming to Pitt. The question is, when will he make it official.

Jenkins has us off his list and apparently will be heading back to hoopieland. Looks like 1 more recruit at most.

Jeff Long said...

Again, you are dealing with an 18 year old, the longer it goes the less likely he will become a future panther.

Holley is 50/50 at best, he told the staff, who's staff?

He has told every coaching staff that is chasing him he is going there, the kid is telling people what they want to hear.

He has not told anyone that matters, guys, my money is on him going elsewhere!

Jenkins is WVU or tOSU. I bet tOSU.

Reed said...

Nice Blog - thanks for the efforts.

Jeff Long said...

I must say, you guys had better info than me, Holley gave Pitt the nod.

DPJ said...

I don't like to post anything unless I get word from my contacts on the staff (a few coaches). I was getting a bit worried after a week went by and Holley remained silent. But alas, all is well in Pantherland.