Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ed Orgeron

Well, there ya have it. This will be most likely the second coaching change for the Panthers this off season as Paul Rhoads is 99% sure to leave. I didn't really believe the reports at first, but as the day progressed more news kept coming out that made it seem much more likely that we would soon be in need of a new defensive coordinator. Greg Gattuso is the obvious and early favorite to take over for Rhoads. He has done an amazing job and is by no means under-qualified. I believe it was Jason Jones earlier in the season who predicted that he would eventually be promoted.

The second name that keeps popping up is Sal Sunseri. This would make many Panther fans happy as we would bring back another "Pitt" guy. It makes sense too as he could join his son and who knows what the Carolina Panthers are going to do with their staff.

Someone keeps mentioning Tom Bradley. It won't happen, will never happen, move on.

The last one is a very dark horse candidate. Ed Orgeron has worked with Dave Wannstedt in the past and would make a good replacement for Rhoads. Orgeron was not successful at all during his time at head coach, but we all see what he was able to do for USC. He was highly thought of enough to be assistant head coach and recruiting coordinator. If we can some how bring him in and pair him up with Wannstedt and Gattuso, we just may see the biggest impact recruiting trio in the country.

Realistically, the job should be Gattuso's. He's done an incredible job with coaching and recruiting. He has the full support of the coaching staff and the fans. We will keep an eye on the situation and hopefully all bodes well for the Panthers.


Studzy said...

there were several times during this year when i called for the head of paul rhodes. i believe i was not the only one either. however, i felt that his performance at the backyard brawl showed some level of competence and that if his tenure here is over, he ended a mediocre career on a good note for panther faithful

Anonymous said...

rhoads made it official today, he is going to auburn

on another unsuprising note T.P. said this about pitt..
"Pitt's out, period. I won't go there, for sure," Pryor said. "I get false stuff said about me all the time. I'm used to it."

Ivan Toncic said...

If you're referring to Southern Cal, they had a terrible defense, at least for the last couple years of their run. That was their achillies heel, particularly against UT.