Monday, January 14, 2008

Terrelle Pryor, Zeke Marshall, and Lamar Patterson

Well, this is a football blog, but tonight is huge as ESPN's Big Monday comes to Pitt. In addition to that, the #1 recruit in the country Terrelle Pryor has been confirmed (I spoke with the coaches) that he will be attending tonights game. In addition to Pryor, Zeke Marshall, a very good local kid who the coaches love will be here. Lastly Lamar Patterson who is already committed will be here.

The Oakland Zoo and THE REST OF THE FANS should do their part and help the team land these guys. If you think this really doesn't matter, just ask Shady McCoy. He said that the "Students reception blew him away and with out that he would probably be at UPS". He also talks about his visit all of the time, so with the right pitch, maybe we can land them.

~ DPJ ~


Willie Burns said...

Pryor aint coming to Pitt.

Jeff Long said...

I must agree, Pryor will end up at tOSU or UM.

What happened to Holley?

The longer it goes the less likely he will go to Pitt.

Anonymous said...

Do we really want Pryor at Pitt? He'll run that WV type offense that would not allow McCoy to be a feature back. I know WV has Slaton and Devine, but McCoy seems like the perfect RB for a pro-style offense. And with all the QB depth we have acquired these last few months, do we need him? I think Stoudt is a raw talent that could be excellent, scary good with some work. I'm not too high on Sunseri, he's a Tyler Palko clone and Palko never amounted to much. Cross, Stull, and Bostick all have the possibility to start next year and are capable of being VERY effective. Pryor is amazing, but I'm tired of this game he's playing with all these colleges.

billy stull said...

WVU does NOT have slaton anymore. their program is in the pooper. don't worry. i'll be your number one QB next year.