Monday, January 7, 2008

The Holley Watch Is On

While it is not known when exactly Jarred Holley will be committing, today is the earliest day that he would announce. It's been known for a long time that Holley really was favoring the Panthers and after a phone call with Dave Wannstedt recently he confirmed that as of right now, Pitt is where he will end up. He was quiet at the Offense-Defense all-star game in Miami Friday night but part of that reason was knowing that Hale was committing on saturday and wanted to let some time pass so that he could get the recognition he deserves when making his announcement.

While I would love for him to announce sometime today, I think that he will hold out for just a little while longer, but from everything we're hearing here, he wants to announce soon. This also doesn't look good for Al Groh and the Virginia Cavaliers as they they lose last of their top 3 wish list to Pitt (the other two being Saddler and Hale).

Once Holley commits we will be two scholarships over the limit. Add this in with us still heavily recruiting 3 or 4 more players, this gives us some choices to make when it comes to scholarships. Zach Stoudt is still looking at some other schools so don't be surprised if he chooses to go else where which will help out our situation. Also, as I'm sure you know as Panther fans is that the staff is usually pretty open when it comes to most things in house, however one thing that the staff remains tight lipped on is who will be asked to leave. This is something that the staff should be commended for. Instead of airing this laundry publically, Dave and staff keep this in house to respect the players and to allow them the best choice for their future.

~ DPJ ~


He who took them to bowl games said...

Looks like Stoudt will go elsewhere because Pitt just has too many bodies at QB.

Holley is not going Pitt!

Jenkins is considereing Pitt but it looks like tOSU will land him.

Ya Know!

DPJ said...

Holley is a Pitt lock. This weekend should be the icing on the cake for some other recruits too (alexander).

Next weekend is Jenkins but don't expect him to pick our panthers.

Brian Ising said...

Holley and Alexander will both be Panthers.

Studzy said...

i think we all know what dpj's icing on the cake for this week was.

Foge Fazio said...

Holley is not a lock!

Johnny Majors II said...

While not a lock, Holley is 99% for sure coming to Pitt.

Anthony Smith said...

I guarantee Holley goes elsewhere!

Take it to the bank!