Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rhoads replaced already?

This come as no surprise but Dave Wannstedt has been talking to Greg Gattuso about becoming the new defensive coordinator. Wanny knew that Rhoads would be leaving when the right opportunity presented itself, so luckily he was prepared. The one great thing about Dave Wannstedt is all of his contacts he has due to the many years he has spent in football. Luckily enough we were able to get Gattuso to come here from Duquesne and he hasn't disappointed. Our defensive line was probably the 2nd worst unit on our team (behind the OL) when he came in. After last year, I think we can all agree they were the deepest, most talented, and most impressive unit on the field.

Wanny may interview a few people as a formality, but it shouldn't take too long until Greg Gattuso is named defensive coordinator. If and when he is promoted, it will be interesting to see what changes will happen to the defense. With Rhoad's departure, that leaves us without a linebackers coach and the move up of Gattuso would leave us without a DLine coach. Gattuso could coach the DLine and be the defensive coordinator like Rhoads did last year. Now with Chris Ball and Paul Rhoads gone, we could see 3 new assistants on staff. Jeff Hafley was promoted to DB coach already, and it will be interesting to see if we stay within again to find a linebackers coach or if we go outside of the program.

Gattuso loves playing a high pressure, physical defense so it should be quite interesting to see if we stick with the "bend, don't break" style or if we stay with the 13-9 smashmouth style defense that I feel we should be employing. Maybe now we won't have to hand out any more "Still Running" awards.

~ DPJ ~


Freebird said...

No problem with this list
1. Gattuso
2. Sunseri
3. Bradley (long shot & politically motivated)

Jeff Long said...

The only problem with Sunseri is money, I think Pitt pays 200K per year. Not sure what he is making in the pros.