Sunday, January 20, 2008

Some info on Alexander

Don't worry yet Panther fans, we are not out of the picture with AJ Alexander. He is going to look around some more before committing. One of the things many people fail to see is how dirty this whole recruiting process is. The whole reason for the decommitting was because of Coach Hill's departure to Miami. Once people found out about it, AJ had coaches calling him to try and sway him their way. Another big problem is that Terry Smith from Gateway is the front runner to replace Aubrey Hill. This wouldn't have been a big deal, but it is being used against us by others. How you ask? Well certain people (friends of an old man in central PA) are saying that with Cam Saddler coming in then AJ wouldn't see the field. This is all b.s. AJ should not worry about not being played because of where he went to school. Instead, he should worry more about Wannstedts blatant refusal to play the underclassmen.

It is tough to tell what will happen with AJ from here on out, but we are still in very good shape with him. The only problem is if we get a commit from elsewhere, he may have lost a chance to get a scholarship here.

We shall see.

~ DPJ ~


johnny said...

Nice blog, man. Keep up the good work.

I must respectfully disagree with you when you say that Mr. Wannstedt blatantly refuses to play the underclassmen. In the last couple of seasons, I can remember McCoy, Joe Thomas, TJ Porter, Jovani Chappel, McKenzie Matthews, Romeus, Berry, Pinkston, and Malecki all seeing significant time.

If you were to argue that he may have underutilized or misused Dickerson and Byham, I would possibly agree, but I wouldn't say that he has a consistent track record of keeping talented underclassmen off the field.

Studzy said...

ricky gary? he also put in kevan lunchbox smith before pat... yeah pat wasnt ready but we might have won that msu game. who knows. he also didnt want to put in tj mccoy in the msu game even after he scored that big run.

but thanks for the support on nasty nate.

Kurt said...

Pittsburgh sports insider said alexander may have been lower on the board than some other prospects, and when he commited over the internet, Pitt wasn't ready. Hill 's leaving was convenient scapecoat so both parties could save face and keep the lines open. wannstedt promised 1 or 2 surprises, and they only have 1 scholarship left, reasonable that they go after big fish (jenkins?) those lb prospects? TP? and failing, fall back on alexander.

DPJ said...

I'll be interested to see what surprises we may have. Alexander backing out gives us 2 open ships.

Also, we didn't take away his scholarship so he could always come back.

I really don't think Pryor will come to Pitt. Jenkins is even less likely than Pryor. The only real big surprise I could see happening would be if Christian Wilson would back out of his Michigan verbal and come to Pitt.

johnny said...

Wilson would be an intriguing catch for sure. Still, it looks like he is pretty set on staying on the offensive side of the ball. If he were willing to switch to LB he would be a great late addition to the class.

Anonymous said...

I also have to disagree with the not playing the underclassmen comment. It seemed like Wanny realized halfway through the year that he had to play them. The team that beat WVU was mostly sophomores and freshmen.

Anonymous said...

Now that DW has hired Tony Wise as OL Coach.......... maybe we can get back in the Jenkins recruiting race........ !?!?

DPJ said...

Jenkins is a very very very very long shot. At this point i'd say 1%. Only because it is highly unlikely, yet not impossible.

shady for wold peace said...

one last post on AJ, he changed his mind on FSU, and the changed his mind on Pitt, he is a perfect candidate for PSU.