Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dunn fired, one more to come

Well, I was told earlier in the week that Paul Dunn was going to be relieved of his duties, but asked to keep it quiet until it was official. This morning, the Post Gazette has been informed that Dave Wannstedt has fired Paul Dunn. Dunn has had 3 disappointing seasons at Pitt. We all heard about how great he has been with working with the Oline, however the results were not seen on the field. Despite success at other schools, he never really seemed to help Pitt. There are specific names being mentioned for his replacement right now. Despite what you think or may read don't expect a coach to be named very soon. I believe that Dave Wannstedt will do what it takes to find a very successful OLine coach as this is the entire basis of his offense. Do not be surprised if he also looks closely at people with ties to either Pitt recruits (Lucas Nix) or at people with ties to other recruits (Josh Jenkins). Dave Wannstedt will ultimately hire the best man for the position, but if he can hire someone who he trusts and also has the respect of the players immediately he will move in that direction.

Expect one other assistant to be let go. The time table of these coaching changes is not known. Both Paul Dunn and the other coach (I'm sure we all know who it is) were not significant players in recruiting this year so this will not have any impact on recruiting.

This is a step in the right direction as the offensive line (outside of Jeff Otah) has been a huge problem for Pitt. With the right coaching we can heavily improve our offensive line play this season.

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Jeff Long said...

Prior to coming to Pitt Dunn coached at Kentucky, when Dunn left UK the offensive line really developed.